May 22, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

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MSPS Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors
MSPE Missouri Society of Professional Engineers
MoSEPS Missouri Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons
MSCPA Missouri Society of CPAs
MSAE Missouri Society of Association Executives
MSA Missouri Society of Accountants
MSA Missouri Sheriffs Association
MSP Missouri Sheep Producers
MSIA Missouri Self Insurers Association
MoSPRA Missouri School Public Relations
MSBA Missouri School Boards Association
MRWA Missouri Rural Water Association
MRA Missouri Retailers Association
MRA Missouri Restaurant Association
MRDA Missouri Rental Dealers Association
MPUA Missouri Public Utility Alliance
MPTA Missouri Public Transit Association
MOPA Missouri Psychological Association
MPGA Missouri Propane Gas Association
MPAA Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association
MPCA Missouri Primary Care Association
MPA Missouri Press Association
MPF Missouri Poultry Federation
MPA Missouri Pork Association
MPCA Missouri Police Chiefs Association
MPMA Missouri Podiatric Medical Association
MPTA Missouri Physical Therapy Association
MPA Missouri Pharmacy Association
MPCA Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association
MPBA Missouri Pet Breeders Association
MPBA Missouri Pet Breeders Association
MPOA Missouri Peace Officers Association
MPRA Missouri Park and Recreation Association
MOAA Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association
MODL Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers
MOA Missouri Optometric Association
MONA Missouri Nurses Association
MONGA Missouri National Guard Association
MNEA Missouri National Education Association
MMEA Missouri Music Educators Association
MML Missouri Municipal League
MMCA Missouri Motor Carriers Association
MMSA Missouri Middle School Association
MMMA Missouri Merchants and Manufacturers
MMHA Missouri Manufactured Housing Association
MLPA Missouri Limestone Producers Association
MLA Missouri Library Association
MLN Missouri League for Nursing
MLNA Missouri Landscape and Nursery Association
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