October 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort ascending Website
    MSPS Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors http://www.missourisurveyor.org
    MSPE Missouri Society of Professional Engineers http://www.mspe.org
    MoSEPS Missouri Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons http://www.moseps.com
    MSCPA Missouri Society of CPAs http://www.mocpa.org
    MSAE Missouri Society of Association Executives http://www.msae.net
    MSA Missouri Society of Accountants http://www.missouri-accountants.com
    MSA Missouri Sheriffs Association http://www.mosheriffs.com
    MSP Missouri Sheep Producers http://www.missourisheep.com
    MSIA Missouri Self Insurers Association http://www.mo-msia.com
    MoSPRA Missouri School Public Relations http://mospra.schoolwires.com
    MSBA Missouri School Boards Association http://www.msbanet.org
    MRWA Missouri Rural Water Association http://www.moruralwater.org
    MRA Missouri Retailers Association http://www.moretailers.com
    MRA Missouri Restaurant Association http://www.morestaurants.org
    MRDA Missouri Rental Dealers Association http://www.missourirentaldealers.org
    MPUA Missouri Public Utility Alliance http://www.mpua.org
    MPTA Missouri Public Transit Association http://www.mptaonline.typepad.com
    MOPA Missouri Psychological Association http://mopaonline.org
    MPGA Missouri Propane Gas Association http://www.missouripropane.com
    MPAA Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association http://moauctioneers.org
    MPCA Missouri Primary Care Association http://www.mo-pca.org
    MoPRIMA Missouri PRIMA http://www.moprima.org/
    MPA Missouri Press Association http://mopress.com
    MPF Missouri Poultry Federation http://www.thepoultryfederation.com
    MPA Missouri Pork Association http://mopork.com
    MPCA Missouri Police Chiefs Association http://www.mopca.com
    MPMA Missouri Podiatric Medical Association http://missouripodiatric.com
    MPTA Missouri Physical Therapy Association http://www.mopt.org
    MPA Missouri Pharmacy Association http://www.morx.com
    MPCA Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association http://www.mpca.org
    MPBA Missouri Pet Breeders Association http://www.mpbaonline.com
    MPBA Missouri Pet Breeders Association http://www.mpbaonline.com
    MPOA Missouri Peace Officers Association http://www.mopoa.org
    MPRA Missouri Park and Recreation Association http://www.mopark.org
    MOAA Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association http://www.missourioutdoor.org
    MODL Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers http://modllaw.com
    MOA Missouri Optometric Association http://www.moeyecare.org
    MONA Missouri Nurses Association http://www.missourinurses.org
    MONGA Missouri National Guard Association http://www.mongaonline.com
    MNEA Missouri National Education Association http://www.mnea.org
    MMEA Missouri Music Educators Association http://www.mmea.net
    MML Missouri Municipal League http://www.mocities.com
    MMCA Missouri Motor Carriers Association http://www.motrucking.org
    MMSA Missouri Middle School Association http://www.mmsa-mo.org
    MMMA Missouri Merchants and Manufacturers http://mmma.org
    MMHA Missouri Manufactured Housing Association http://www.mmha.net
    MLPA Missouri Limestone Producers Association http://www.molimestone.com
    MLA Missouri Library Association http://molib.org
    MLN Missouri League for Nursing http://www.mlnmonursing.org
    MLNA Missouri Landscape and Nursery Association http://www.mlna.org


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