July 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    MSCSW Maryland Society for Clinical Social Work http://www.mscsw.org
    MSH Maryland Society for Histotechnology http://www.marylandhistotechnology.org
    MSA Maryland Society of Accountants http://www.msacct.org
    MSAE Maryland Society of Association Executives http://www.asaecenter.org/Community/content.cfm?ItemNumbe
    MSEPS Maryland Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons http://www.marylandeyemds.org
    MSHP Maryland Society of Health System Pharmacists http://www.mshp.org
    MSPE Maryland Society of Professional Engineers http://www.mdspe.org
    MSS Maryland Society of Surveyors http://www.marylandsurveyor.org
    MSB Maryland Soybean Board http://www.mdsoy.org
    MSHA Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association http://mdslha.org
    MSBA Maryland State Bar Association http://msba.org
    MSBA Maryland State Builders Association http://www.mdstatebuilders.org
    MSCCA Maryland State Child Care Association http://mscca.org
    MSDA Maryland State Dental Association http://www.msda.com
    MSEA Maryland State Education Association http://www.marylandeducators.org
    MSFA Maryland State Firemen's Association http://www.msfa.org
    MSFDA Maryland State Funeral Directors Association http://www.msfda.net
    MSGA Maryland State Golf Association http://www.msga.org/
    MSLBA Maryland State Licensed Beverage Association http://mslba.org
    MDPTA Maryland State Parent Teacher Association http://www.mdpta.org
    MSPCA Maryland State Pest Control Association http://www.marylandpest.org
    MSTA Maryland State Teachers Association http://www.mstanea.org
    MTHA Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association http://mdhorsemen.com
    MTC Maryland Tourism Council http://www.mdtourism.org
    MTBMA Maryland Transportation Builders and Materials Association http://www.mtbma.org
    MTA Maryland Troopers Association http://www.mdtroopers.org
    MVMA Maryland Veterinary Medical Association http://www.mdvma.org
    MWA Maryland Watermen's Association http://marylandwatermen.com
    MWA Maryland Wineries Association http://marylandwine.com
    MWI Maryland Works Inc http://www.mdworks.com
    MDCD Maryland, DC, Delaware Broadcasters Association http://mdcd.com
    MDDC Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association http://www.mddcpress.com
    MDDCSDA Maryland-Delaware-District of Columbia Soft Drink Association http://www.ameribev.org/about-aba/other-associations/stat
    MRA Maryland-Delaware-Washington D.C. Jewelers Association http://www.diccut.com/en/company/3097-maryland__delaware_
    MNCBIA Maryland-National Capital Building Industry Association http://www.mncbia.org
    MNCBIA Maryland-National Capital Building Industry Association http://mncbia.org
    MDDC Maryland/D.C. Society for Respiratory Care http://mddcsoc.org
    MDCVA Maryland/D.C. Vending Association http://www.mddcvending.org
    MD/DC CRS Maryland/DC Council of Residential Specialists http://mddccrs.com
    MIADA/DIADA Maryland/Delaware Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.miada-diada.com
    MDCD Maryland/District of Columbia/Delaware Broadcasters Association http://mdcd.com
    MCAA Mason Contractors Association of America http://www.masoncontractors.org
    MCAA Mason Contractors Association of America http://masoncontractors.org
    MCAC Mason Contractors Association of California http://www.mca-ca.org
    MCAC Mason Contractors Association of Connecticut http://masoncontractors.org
    MCA Mason Contractors Association of St. Louis http://masonrystlouis.com
    MAG Masonry Association of Georgia http://www.masonryassocga.com
    MIA Masonry Institute of America http://masonryinstitute.org
    MII Masonry Institute of Iowa http://www.masonryinstituteofiowa.org
    MIM Masonry Institute of Michigan http://www.mim-online.org


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