October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    MCAA Mason Contractors Association of America http://masoncontractors.org
    MBAA Master Brewers Association of the Americas http://mbaa.com
    MFJSA Mass Finishing Job Shops Association http://mfjsa.com
    MHEDA Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association http://mheda.org
    MAA Mathematical Association of America http://maa.org
    MMA Materials Marketing Associates http://mma4u.com
    MHIA Material Handling Industry of America http://mhi.org
    MISA Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance http://fpsa.org/meat-industry-suppliers-allian
    MPTA Mechanical Power Transmission Association http://mpta.org
    MDHBA Medical-Dental-Hospital Business Associates http://mdhba.org
    MBCEA Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association http://mbcea.org
    MAA Medieval Academy of America http://medievalacademy.org
    MPIF Metal Powder Industries Federation http://mpif.org
    MTI Metal Treating Institute http://heattreat.net
    MPC Materials Properties Council http://forengineers.org/materials-properties-council
    MSA Metaphysical Society of America http://metaphysicalsociety.org
    MTMA MTM Association for Standards and Research http://mtm.org
    MMSA Materials and Methods Standards Association http://mmsa.ws
    MAS Microanalysis Society http://microbeamanalysis.org
    MELA Middle East Librarians' Association http://mela.us
    MTT-S IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society http://mtt.org
    MESA Middle East Studies Association of North America http://mesana.org
    MSIA Mine Safety Institute of America http://miningorganizations.org/index.php/msia-
    MMSA Mining and Metallurgical Society of America http://mmsa.net
    MACS Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide http://macsw.org
    MGSA Modern Greek Studies Association http://mgsa.org
    MLA Modern Language Association http://mla.org
    MMA Monorail Manufacturers Association http://mhia.org/industrygroups/mma
    MCA Mohair Council of America http://mohairusa.com
    MBNA Monument Builders of North America http://monumentbuilders.org
    MSF Motorcycle Safety Foundation http://online2.msf-usa.org/msf/Default.aspx
    MSA Museum Store Association http://museumstoreassociation.org
    MDA Music Distributors Association http://musicdistributors.org
    MCANA Music Critics Association of North America http://mcana.org
    MLA Music Library Association http://musiclibraryassoc.org
    MEIEA Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association http://meiea.org
    MPA Music Publishers Association of the United States http://mpa.org
    MAGNET Marketing and Advertising Global Network http://magnetglobal.org
    MTNA Music Teachers National Association http://mtna.org
    MWA Mystery Writers of America http://mysterywriters.org
    MSA Mycological Society of America http://msafungi.org
    MiLB Minor League Baseball http://milb.com
    MFEA Mutual Fund Education Alliance http://mfea.info
    MMPA Moulding & Millwork Producers Association http://wmmpa.com
    MORS Military Operations Research Society http://mors.org
    MSMA Mail Systems Management Association http://msmanational.org
    MWMA Municipal Waste Management Association http://usmayors.org/mwma
    MSBA Montadale Sheep Breeders Association http://montadales.com
    MFMA Metal Framing Manufacturers Association http://metalframingmfg.org
    MFTHBA Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association http://mfthba.com


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