October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    NFIU National Federation of Independent Unions http://www.nfiu.org
    NJDA National Juvenile Detention Association http://www.njda.com
    NASSTRAC National Small Shipments Traffic Conference http://www.nasstrac.org
    NSSE National Society for the Study of Education http://nsse-chicago.org
    NTWA National Turf Writers Association http://www.ntwab.org
    NACE National Association of Catering Executives http://www.nace.net
    NABWE National Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs http://www.nabwe.org
    NUSACC National United States Arab Chamber of Commerce http://www.nusacc.org
    NIC/SAG National Industrial Council - State Associations Group http://www.nam.org/s_nam/doc1.asp?CID=200502&DID=225575
    NARRP National Association of Recreation Resource Planners http://www.narrp.org
    NATD North-American Association of Telecommunications Dealers http://www.natd.com
    NH-PAI Nurse Healers - Professional Associates International http://www.therapeutic-touch.org
    NABS North American Benthological Society http://www.freshwater-science.org
    NAOHSM National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers http://www.naohsm.org
    NAREC National Association of Real Estate Companies http://www.narec.org
    NSG National Society for Graphology http://www.handwriting.org/nsg/nsgmain.html
    NGCMA National Golf Car Manufacturers Association http://www.ngcma.org
    NAFRD National Association of Fleet Resale Dealers http://www.nafrd.com
    NACBHD National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors http://nacbhdd.org
    NNG National Network of Grantmakers http://www.nng.org
    NADEO National Association of Diocesan Ecumenical Officers http://www.nadeo.org/
    NAMME National Association of Medical Minority Educators http://www.nammenational.org
    NFNSSAA National Federation of Nonpublic School State Accrediting Associations http://www.nfnssaa.com
    NNSDO National Nursing Staff Development Organization http://www.nnsdo.org
    NAGTD National Association of Golf Tournament Directors http://www.nagtd.com
    NFU Farmers Educational and Co-operative Union of America- http://www.nfu.org
    NCMA National Catalog Managers Association http://www.ncmacat.org
    NATA National Automobile Transporters Association http://www.carhaulers.org
    NCEW National Conference of Editorial Writers http://www.ncew.org
    NCCL National Conference of Catechetical Leadership http://www.nccl.org
    NAMCP National Association of Managed Care Physicans http://www.namcp.org
    NAFA National Association of Forensic Accountants http://www.nafanet.com
    NCATL North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers http://www.ncatl.org
    NCANPHA North Carolina Association of Non-Profit Homes for the Aging http://www.ncanpha.org
    NJAHSA New Jersey Association of Homes and Services for the Aging http://www.njahsa.org
    NJPSA/FEA New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association/Foundation for Educational Administration http://www.njpsa.org
    NWCHA Northwest Clearing House Association http://www.nwcha.org
    NMHCA New Mexico Health Care Association http://www.nmhca.org
    NYAHSA New York Association of Homes and Services for the Aging http://www.nyahsa.org
    NAIFA-PA Pennsylvania Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors http://www.naifa-pa.org
    NAPM-NY National Association of Purchasing Management - New York http://www.napm-ny.org
    NCAI Appraisal Institute - North Carolina Chapter http://www.ncappraisalinstitute.org
    NCSPA North Carolina Soybean Producers' Association http://www.ncsoy.org
    NMTA Nevada Motor Transport Association http://www.nmta.com
    NAHSA Nebraska Association of Homes and Services for the Aging http://www.nebahsa.org
    NSLHA Nebraska Speech, Language and Hearing Association http://www.nslha.org
    NDCUL North Dakota Credit Union League http://www.ndcu.org/CU
    NYSCT New York Society for Coatings Technology http://www.nysct.org
    NAM Nevada Association of Mechanical Contractors http://www.nevadaagc.org
    NYCA New York Counseling Association http://www.nycounseling.org


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