October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    NMFSA New Mexico Funeral Service Association http://www.nmfsa.org
    NYS-PBA New York State Association of Police Benevolent Associations http://www.pbanys.org
    NASBC National Association of Small Business Contractors http://nasbc.org
    NCRW National Council for Research on Women http://ncrw.org
    NCIV National Council for International Visitors http://www.nciv.org
    NAIA National Association of lntercollegiate Athletics http://www.naia.org
    NJAA National Junior Angus Association http://www.angus.org/njaa
    NCCC National Council of Corvette Clubs http://www.corvettesnccc.org
    NGA National Gardening Association http://www.garden.org
    NHPA National Horseshoe Pitchers Association http://horseshoepitching.com
    NAHC North American Hunting Club http://www.huntingclub.com
    NAME National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts http://www.miniatures.org
    NABS North American Bluebird Society http://nabluebirdsociety.org
    NCOA National Corvette Owners' Association http://nationalcorvetteowners.com
    NRF National Rowing Foundation http://www.natrowing.org
    NAWCC National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors http://www.nawcc.org
    NDBC National Duckpin Bowling Congress http://ndbc.org
    NDR National Derby Rallies Inc http://www.ndr.org
    NFAA National Field Archery Association http://www.nfaausa.com
    NFCYM National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry http://nfcym.org
    NFL National Forensic League http://www.nationalforensicleague.org
    NSRA National Street Rod Association http://www.nsra-usa.com
    NHSRA National High School Rodeo Association http://www.nhsra.com
    NKCA National Knife Collectors Association http://nkcaknife.org
    NMLRA National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association http://nmlra.org
    NLBFR National Little Britches Rodeo Association http://www.nlbra.com
    NMRA National Model Railroad Association http://www.nmra.org
    NSCAR National Society of the Children of the American Revolution http://www.nscar.org
    NSSA National Scholastic Surfing Association http://nssa.org
    N-SSA North-South Skirmish Association http://www.n-ssa.org
    NSSA National Skeet Shooting Association http://www.nssa-nsca.org
    NSSAR National Society, sons of the American Revolution http://www.sar.org
    NABF National Amateur Baseball Federation http://www.nabf.com
    NCC National Cambridge Collectors Inc http://www.cambridgeglass.org
    NQA National Quilting Association Inc http://www.nqaquilts.org
    NWP National Woman's Party http://sewallbelmont.org/learn/national-womans-party
    NDGW Native Daughters of the Golden West http://www.ndgw.org
    NH NAPUS National Association of Postmasters of the United States: New Hampshire Chapter http://www.NHNAPUS.org
    NMAEA New Mexico Art Education Association http://www.newmexicoarteducators.org/
    NGADE National Guard Association of Delaware http://www.ngade.com/
    NGAI National Guard Association of Indiana http://www.ngai.net/
    NGAM National Guard Association of Maryland http://www.ngam.net/
    NGANH National Guard Association of New Hampshire http://nganh.org
    NGARI National Guard Association of Rhode Island http://www.ngari.org
    NGAUT National Guard Association of Utah http://www.ngaut.org
    NGAWV National Guard Association of West Virginia http://www.ngawv.org
    NFFN National Fuel Funds Network http://nationalfuelfunds.org
    NIAA National Institute of Animal Agriculture http://www.associationtrends.com/animalagriculture.org%C2%A0
    NSIP National Sheep Improvement Program http://www.associationtrends.com/nsip.org%C2%A0
    NSIIC National Sheep Industry Improvement Center http://www.associationtrends.com/nsiic.org%C2%A0


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