April 21, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
NYS PEF New York State Public Employees Federation http://pef.org
NYPTA New York State Public Transit Association http://www.nytransit.org
NYSRPS New York State Recreation and Park Society http://www.nysrps.org
NYSRA New York State Rehabilitation Association http://www.nyrehab.org
NYSRA New York State Restaurant Association http://www.nysra.org
NYSRCA New York State Roofing Contractors Association http://www.nrca.net/rp/related/affiliates/usaffils.aspx
NYSRHC New York State Rural Housing Coalition Inc. http://www.ruralhousing.org
NYSSDA New York State Safe Deposit Association http://nyssda.com
NYSSBA New York State School Boards Association http://www.nyssba.org
NYSSMA New York State School Music Association http://www.nyssma.org
NYSSA New York State Sheriffs' Association http://www.nysheriffs.org
NYSSA New York State Society of Anesthesiologists http://www.nyssa-pga.org
NYSSCPA New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.nysscpa.org
NYSSCPA New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.nysscpa.org
NYSSO New York State Society of Opticians http://www.nysso.org
NYSSO New York State Society of Opticians, Inc. http://www.nysso.org
NYSSOS New York State Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons http://www.nyssos.org
NYSSPA New York State Society of Physician Assistants http://www.nysspa.org
NYSSPE New York State Society of Professional Engineers, Inc. http://nysspe.org
NYSSDA New York State Soft Drink Association http://www.ameribev.org/about-aba/other-associations/stat
NYSSLHA New York State Speech Language Hearing Association http://nysslha.org
NYSSCOA New York State Supreme Court Officers Association http://nysscoa.org
NYSTEEA New York State Technology & Engineering Education Association http://nysteea.org
NYSTEA New York State Technology Education Association http://www.nystea.com
NYSTA New York State Telecommunications Association http://www.nysta.com
NYSTVA New York State Travel and Vacation Association http://www.nystva.org
NYSTLA New York State Trial Lawyers Association http://www.nystla.org
NYSTA New York State Turfgrass Association http://www.nysta.org
NYSUT New York State United Teachers http://www.nysut.org
NYSVMS New York State Veterinary Medical Society http://nysvms.org
NYTECH New York Technology Council http://www.nytech.org
NYTB New York Thoroughbred Breeders http://www.nytbreeders.org
NYWEA New York Water Environment Association http://nywea.org
NYWGF New York Wine and Grape Foundation http://www.newyorkwines.org
NYWICI New York Women in Communications http://www.nywici.org/
NYWIFT New York Women in Film and Television http://nywift.org
NYWBA New York Women's Bar Association http://nywba.org
NAM Newspaper Association Managers http://nammanagers.com
NAA Newspaper Association of America http://naa.org
NAA Newspaper Association of America http://naa.org
NPMA Newspaper Purchasing Management Association http://infe.org/npma/newsite/extranet/npma.asp
NYBA NewYorkBIO (fka New York Biotechnology Association) http://newyorkbio.org
NGLIA Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance http://nglia.org
NFHS MA NFHS Music Association http://nfhs.org
NFHS SDTA NFHS Speech Debate and Theatre Association http://nfhs.org/content.aspx?id=2975
NGNP NGNP Industry Alliance http://ngnpalliance.org
NGNP NGNP Industry Alliance http://ngnpalliance.org
NGVA NGVAmerica http://ngvc.org
NIBA NIBA - The Belting Association http://niba.org
NDI Nickel Institute http://nickelinstitute.org
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