May 29, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

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NEDFA Northeast Dairy Foods Association
NECTFL Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
NECSN Northeast Charter Schools Network
NCA Northeast Campground Association
NEBWA Northeast Bottled Water Association
NASTO Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials
NEAFA Northeast Ag and Feed Alliance
NBGA Northarvest Bean Growers Association
NBGA Northarvest Bean Growers Association
N-SSA North-South Skirmish Association
NATD North-American Association of Telecommunications Dealers
NTSP North Texas Specialty Physicians
NTSP North Texas Specialty Physicians
NTAEP North Texas Association of Environmental Professionals
NPPS North Pacific Pediatric Society
NPFVOA North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners' Association
NEFA North East Fabricare Association
NEARS North East Association of Rail Shippers
NDWC North Dakota Wheat Commission
NDWUA North Dakota Water Users Association
NDU North Dakota United
NDTF North Dakota Turkey Federation
NDSA North Dakota Stockmen's Association
NDSAA North Dakota States Attorney Association
NDSPE North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers
NDSCPA North Dakota Society of Certified Public Accountants
NDSBA North Dakota School Boards Association
NDSC North Dakota Safety Council
NDRWSA North Dakota Rural Water Systems Association
NDRA North Dakota Retail Association
NDRMCPA North Dakota Ready Mix and Concrete Products Association
NDPEA North Dakota Public Employees Association
NDPA North Dakota Psychological Association
NDPPC North Dakota Pork Producers Council
NDPhA North Dakota Pharmacists Association
NDPMA North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association
NDPC North Dakota Petroleum Council
NDPOA North Dakota Peace Officers Association
NDOMA North Dakota Osteopathic Medical Association
NDOA North Dakota Optometric Association
NDNA North Dakota Nurses Association
NDNGA North Dakota Nursery and Greenhouse Association
NDNA North Dakota Newspaper Association
NDMCA North Dakota Motor Carriers Association
NDM North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association
NDMA North Dakota Medical Association
NDMHA North Dakota Manufactured Housing Association
NDLTCA North Dakota Long Term Care Association
NDLA North Dakota Library Association
NDLC North Dakota League of Cities
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