October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort ascending Website
    NCMCA North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association http://www.ncmca.com
    NCMHA North Carolina Manufactured Housing Institute http://www.ncmhi.com
    NCLPNA North Carolina Licensed Practical Nurses Association http://nflpn.org/stateEvent.php
    NCLHIA North Carolina Licensed Home Inspectors Association http://www.nclhia.com
    NCLA North Carolina Library Association http://www.nclaonline.org
    NCLM North Carolina League of Municipalities http://www.nclm.org
    NCLEOA North Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association http://ncleoa.org
    NCLTA North Carolina Land Title Association http://www.nclta.org
    NCJA North Carolina Jewelers Association http://www.ncjewelers.org
    NCIGA North Carolina Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.ncrb.org/nciga
    NCICU North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities http://ncicu.org
    NCHMA North Carolina Hotel and Motel Association http://www.lodgingnc.com
    NCHA North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA, Inc.) http://www.ncha.org
    NCHA North Carolina Horseshoers Association http://www.ncfarriers.org
    NCHBA North Carolina Home Builders Association http://www.nchba.org
    NCHHRA North Carolina Healthcare Human Resources Association http://www.nchhra.org
    NCHCFA North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association http://www.nursinghomesnc.com
    NCGA North Carolina Growers Association http://ncgrowers.org
    NCGWA North Carolina Ground Water Association http://ncgwa.org
    NCFDA North Carolina Funeral Directors Association http://www.ncfda.org
    NCFA North Carolina Forestry Association http://ncforestry.org
    NCFAS North Carolina Foot and Ankle Society http://www.ncfootandankle.org
    NCFA North Carolina Fisheries Association http://www.ncfish.org
    NCFB North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation http://www.ncfb.org
    NCETA North Carolina English Teachers' Association http://ncenglishteachersassociation.org
    NCESA North Carolina Electronic Security Association http://www.ncbfaa.net
    NCEA North Carolina Egg Association http://ncegg.org
    NCEDA North Carolina Economic Developers Association http://www.nceda.org
    NCDTSEA North Carolina Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association http://www.adtsea.org/northcarolina
    NCDA North Carolina Dietetic Association http://eatrightnc.org
    NCDMA North Carolina Dietary Managers Association http://www.dmaonline.org/NC
    NCDS North Carolina Dental Society http://www.ncdental.org
    NCDLA North Carolina Dental Laboratory Association http://www.ncdla.org
    NCDHA North Carolina Dental Hygiene Association http://www.ncdha.org
    NCCIA North Carolina Crop Improvement Association http://www.nccrop.com
    NCCUL North Carolina Credit Union League http://www.ncleague.org
    NCCPA North Carolina Cotton Producers Association, Inc. http://www.nccotton.org
    NCCHCA North Carolina Community Health Center Association http://www.ncchca.org
    NCCEP North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians http://nccep.org
    NCCTA North Carolina Christmas Tree Association http://ncchristmastrees.com
    NCCA North Carolina Chiropractic Association http://www.ncchiro.org
    NCCCA North Carolina Cheerleading Coaches Association http://cheernc.com
    NCC North Carolina Chamber http://ncchamber.net
    NCCA North Carolina Cemetery Association http://northcarolinacemeteryassociation.com
    NCCA North Carolina Cattlemen's Association http://nccattle.com
    NCCTA North Carolina Cable Telecommunications Association http://www.nccta.com
    NCBDN North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition http://www.ncbdn.org
    NCSDA North Carolina Beverage Association http://www.ameribev.org/about-aba/other-associations/stat
    NCBWWA North Carolina Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association http://www.ncbwwa.org
    NCBA North Carolina Bar Association http://www.ncbar.org


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