April 18, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
NJRMA New Jersey Retail Merchants Association http://www.njrma.org
NJRPA New Jersey Recreation and Park Association http://www.njrpa.org
NJSA New Jersey Staffing Alliance http://www.njsa.com
NJSA New Jersey Subcontractors Association http://www.njsubcontractors.org
NJSACOP New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police http://www.njsacop.org
NJSB New Jersey Soybean Board http://www.njsoybean.org
NJSBA New Jersey School Boards Association http://www.njsba.org
NJSBA New Jersey State Bar Association http://www.njsba.com
NJSCPA New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.njscpa.org
NJSEA New Jersey Society of Enrolled Agents http://www.njsea.org
NJSEED New Jersey Society for Environmental Economic Development http://njseed.org
NJSFDA New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association http://www.njfds.com
NJSFT New Jersey State Federation of Teachers http://www.aftnj.org
NJSG New Jersey State Grange http://newjerseygrange.com
NJSHA New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association http://www.njsha.org
NJSHP New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists http://www.njshp.org
NJSME New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers http://www.njsme.org
NJSNA New Jersey State Nurses Association http://www.njsna.org
NJSOP New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians http://www.njsop.org
NJSP New Jersey Society of Pathologists http://www.njpath.org
NJSPE New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers http://www.njspe.org
NJSPLS New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors http://www.njspls.org
NJSSA New Jersey Sanitary Supply Association http://www.njssa.net
NJSSA New Jersey State Society of Auctioneers http://www.njssa.com
NJSSC New Jersey State Safety Council http://www.njsafety.org
NJSSNA New Jersey State School Nurses Association http://www.njssna.org
NJSSPA New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants http://www.njsspa.org
NJTA New Jersey Turfgrass Association http://www.njturfgrass.org
NJTC New Jersey Technology Council http://www.njtc.org
NJTIA New Jersey Travel Industry Association http://www.njtia.org
NJTMA New Jersey Tooling and Manufacturing Association http://www.njtma.com
NJUA New Jersey Utilities Association http://www.njua.com
NJVMA New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association http://www.njvma.org
NJWA New Jersey Water Association http://www.njwater.org
NJWMA New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association http://www.njwma.org
NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Association http://nkba.org
NKCA National Knife Collectors Association http://www.nkcaknife.org
NKF National Kidney Foundation http://www.kidney.org
NLA Nebraska Library Association http://www.nebraskalibraries.org
NLA Northwestern Lumber Association http://www.nlassn.org
NLA National Limousine Association http://limo.org
NLA Nevada Landscape Association http://www.nevadanla.com
NLA National Lime Association http://lime.org
NLA National Limousine Association http://www.limo.org
NLA National Lipid Association http://lipid.org
NLADA National Legal Aid and Defender Association http://nlada.org
NLADA National Legal Aid and Defender Association http://www.nlada.org
NLAE Nursery and Landscape Association Executives of North America http://nlae.org
NLAPW National League of American Pen Women http://nlapw.org
NLB National Lighting Bureau http://www.nlb.org
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