April 18, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
NMC National Music Council http://musiccouncil.org
NMCC New Mexico Conference of Churches http://www.nmchurches.org
NMCDLA New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association http://www.nmcdla.org
NMCGA New Mexico Cattle Growers Association http://www.nmagriculture.org
NMCNE New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence http://www.nmnursingexcellence.org
NMDA National Miniature Donkey Association http://nmdaasset.com
NMDA New Mexico Dental Association http://www.nmdental.org
NMDA National Marine Distributors Association http://nmdaonline.com
NMDHA New Mexico Dental Hygienists Association http://www.nmdha.org
NMDLA New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association http://www.nmdla.org
NMEA Nebraska Music Educators Association http://www.nmeanebraska.org
NMEA National Marine Electronics Association http://nmea.org
NMEA National Marine Educators Association http://marine-ed.org/
NMEDA National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association http://nmeda.com
NMFLB New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau http://www.nmfarmbureau.org
NMFSA New Mexico Funeral Service Association http://www.nmfsa.org
NMFTA National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. http://nmfta.org
NMGA New Mexico Grocers Association http://www.nmga.qwestoffice.net
NMGWA New Mexico Ground Water Association http://www.nmgwa.org
NMHA New Mexico Hospital Association http://www.nmhanet.org
NMHA Nebraska Manufactured Housing Association http://www.nemanufacturedhomes.com
NMHBA New Mexico Home Builders Association http://www.nmhba.com
NMHBA New Mexico Horse Breeders Association http://www.nmhorsebreeders.com
NMHC National Multi-Housing Council http://nmhc.org
NMHCA New Mexico Health Care Association http://www.nmhca.org
NMHSCA New Mexico High School Coaches Association http://www.nmhsca.com
NMIA National Military Intelligence Association http://nmia.org
NMIADA New Mexico Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.nmiada.com
NMIDEA New Mexico Industrial Development Executives Association http://www.nmidea.org
NMIGA New Mexico Indian Gaming Association http://www.indiangaming.com/associations
NMLA New Mexico Lodging Association http://www.nmlodging.org
NMLRA National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association http://www.nmlra.org
NMLTA New Mexico Land Title Association http://www.nmlta.org
NMMA New Mexico Mining Association http://www.nmmining.org
NMMA National Marine Manufacturers Association http://nmma.org
NMMEA New Mexico Music Educators Association http://www.nmmea.com
NMMHA New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association http://www.nmmha.com
NMML New Mexico Municipal League http://nmml.org
NMMLA New Mexico Mortgage Lenders Association http://www.nmmla.org
NMMRA New Mexico Medical Review Association http://www.nmmra.org
NMMS New Mexico Medical Society http://www.nmms.org
NMMWA New Mexico Movers and Warehousemen's Association http://www.nmmwa.com
NMNA New Mexico Nurses Association http://www.nmna.org
NMNECA National Electrical Contractors Association - New Mexico Chapter http://www.cnmneca.org
NMNPC New Mexico Nurse Practitioner Council http://www.nmnpc.org
NMOA New Mexico Orthopaedic Association http://www.statesociety.org/nmoa
NMOA National Mail Order Association http://nmoa.org
NMOGA New Mexico Oil and Gas Association http://www.nmoga.org
NMOMA New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.nmoma.org
NMPA National Music Publishers Association http://nmpa.org
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