July 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    NLRBPA National Labor Relations Board Professional Association http://nlrb.gov/
    NLSBA National Lincoln Sheep Breeders Association http://lincolnsheep.com
    NLTA Nebraska Land Title Association http://www.nelta.net
    NLUS Navy League of the United States http://navyleague.org
    NM-MPI Meeting Professionals International: New Mexico Chapter http://www.mpinm.org
    NMA National Meat Association http://nmaonline.org/
    NMA National Mining Association http://nma.org
    NMA Nevada Manufacturers Association http://www.nvmfrs.org
    NMA Nebraska Medical Association http://www.nebmed.org
    NMA National Medical Association http://nmanet.org
    NMA National Maritime Alliance http://hnsa.org/nam.htm
    NMA National Management Association http://nma1.org
    NMAA New Mexico Activities Association http://www.nmact.org
    NMABE New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education http://www.nmabe.net
    NMAC New Mexico Association of Counties http://www.nmcounties.org
    NMACC New Mexico Association of Community Colleges http://vc.unm.edu/NMACC/index.html
    NMACD New Mexico Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts http://www.nm.nacdnet.org
    NMACD New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts http://www.nmacd.org
    NMADA New Mexico Automotive Dealers Association http://www.nmada.org
    NMAEA New Mexico Art Education Association http://www.newmexicoarteducators.org/
    NMAF New Mexico Advertising Federation http://www.aafnm.org
    NMAFP New Mexico Academy of Family Physicians http://www.familydoctornm.org
    NMAG New Mexico Association of Grantmakers http://www.nmag.org
    NMAHHC New Mexico Association for Home and Hospice Care http://www.nmahc.org
    NMAPA New Mexico Academy of Physician Assistants http://nmapa.com
    NMASBO New Mexico ASBO http://nmasbo.org
    NMATA American Art Therapy Association, Inc.: New Mexico Chapter http://www.newmexicoarttherapy.com
    NMBA New Mexico Broadcasters Association http://nmba.org
    NMBA New Mexico Bankers Association http://www.nmbankers.com
    NMBA National Mitigation Banking Association http://mitigationbanking.org
    NMBA National Marine Bankers Association http://marinebankers.org
    NMBC National Minority Business Council http://nmbc.org
    NMBC New Mexico Beef Council http://nmbeef.com
    NMC The New Media Consortium http://nmc.org
    NMC NMC - The New Media Consortium http://www.nmc.org
    NMC Nail Manufacturers Council http://probeauty.org/research/#nmc
    NMC National Mastitis Council http://nmconline.org
    NMC National Music Council http://musiccouncil.org
    NMCC New Mexico Conference of Churches http://www.nmchurches.org
    NMCDLA New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association http://www.nmcdla.org
    NMCGA New Mexico Cattle Growers Association http://nmagriculture.org
    NMCNE New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence http://www.nmnursingexcellence.org
    NMDA National Miniature Donkey Association http://nmdaasset.com
    NMDA New Mexico Dental Association http://www.nmdental.org
    NMDA National Marine Distributors Association http://nmdaonline.com
    NMDHA New Mexico Dental Hygienists Association http://www.nmdha.org
    NMDLA New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association http://nmdla.org
    NMEA National Marine Electronics Association http://nmea.org
    NMEA Nebraska Music Educators Association http://nmeanebraska.org
    NMEA National Marine Educators Association http://marine-ed.org/


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