July 25, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    NMPA New Mexico Psychological Association http://nmpsychology.org
    NMRA New Mexico Restaurant Association http://www.nmrestaurants.org
    NMRA New Mexico Retail Association http://www.nmretailassociation.com
    NMRECA New Mexico Rural Electric Cooperatives Association http://nmelectric.coop
    NMRWA New Mexico Rural Water Association http://nmrwa.org
    NMSBA New Mexico School Boards Association http://www.nmsba.org
    NMSMCA New Mexico Sheet Metal Contractors Association, Inc. http://smcctors.qwestoffice.net
    NMSAE New Mexico Society of Association Executives http://www.nmsae.org
    NMSCPA New Mexico Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.nmscpa.org
    NMSEA New Mexico Society of Enrolled Agents http://www.nmsea.net
    NMSPE New Mexico Society of Professional Engineers http://www.nmspe.org
    NMTLA New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association http://www.nmtla.org
    NMTLA New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association and Foundation http://nmtla.org
    NMTA New Mexico Trucking Association http://www.nmtrucking.org
    NMVMA New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association http://www.nmvma.org
    NMWGA New Mexico Wheat Growers Association http://www.wheatworld.org/about-us/member-states
    NMWGA New Mexico Wine Growers Association http://nmwine.com
    NMWIF New Mexico Women in Film http://nmwif.com
    NYAMA New York American Marketing Association http://nyama.org
    NYAA New York Apple Association http://www.nyapplecountry.com
    NYAAC New York Association for Ambulatory Care http://www.nyaac.org
    NYAMFT New York Association for Marriage and Family Therapy http://www.nyamft.org
    NYACS New York Association of Christian Schools http://www.nyacs.com
    NYACD New York Association of Conservation Districts http://www.nyacd.org
    NYACS New York Association of Convenience Stores http://www.nyacs.org
    NYAHSA New York Association of Homes and Services for the Aging http://www.nyahsa.org
    NYALGRO New York Association of Local Government Records Officers http://www.nyalgro.org
    NYAMB New York Association of Mortgage Brokers http://www.nyamb.org
    NYANP New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians http://nyanp.org
    NYAPP New York Association of Public Power (NYAPP) http://nyapp.org
    NYATEP New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals http://www.nyatep.org
    NYBA New York Bankers Association http://www.nyba.com
    NYBTA New York Biology Teachers Association http://www.nybta.org
    NYBA New York Biotechnology Association http://www.nyba.org
    NYBC New York Building Congress http://www.buildingcongress.com
    NYCSA New York Charter Schools Association http://www.nycsa.org
    NYCGA New York Cherry Growers Association http://find.coop/organizations/3430-new-york-cherr
    NYCSGA New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association http://nycornsoy.org
    NYCGA New York Corn Growers Association http://www.nycornsoy.org
    NYCA New York Counseling Association http://www.nycounseling.org
    NYCLA New York County Lawyers' Association http://www.nycla.org
    NYeC New York E-Health Collaborative http://nyehealth.org
    NYEWRE New York Executive Women in Real Estate http://www.wxnyre.com
    NYFB New York Farm Bureau http://nyfb.org
    NYFSCA New York Fire Sprinkler Contractors' Association http://www.nyfsca.org
    NYFOA New York Forest Owners Association http://www.nyfoa.org
    NYHIMA New York Health Information Management Association http://www.nyhima.org
    NYHPA New York Health Plan http://www.nyhpa.org
    NYHPA New York Health Plan Association http://www.nyhpa.org
    NYHA New York Holstein Association http://nyholsteins.com


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