April 21, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
NRECA National Rural Electric Cooperative Association http://nreca.org
NRECA National Rural Electric Cooperative Association http://www.nreca.org
NREDA National Rural Economic Developers Association http://nreda.org
NREP National Registry of Environmental Professionals http://nrep.org
NRF National Rowing Foundation http://www.natrowing.org
NRF National Retail Federation http://www.nrf.com
NRF Nebraska Retail Federation http://www.nebraskaretail.com
NRF National Retail Federation http://nrf.com
NRF National Research Council http://nationalacademies.org/nrc/index.html
NRHA National Reining Horse Association http://nrha1.com
NRHA North American Retail Hardware Association http://nrha.org
NRHA National Rural Health Association http://ruralhealthweb.org
NRHS National Railway Historical Society http://nrhs.com
NRHSA National Retail Hobby Stores Association http://nrhsa.org
NRHSPP National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology http://nationalregister.org
NRLA Northeastern Retail Lumber Association http://www.nrla.org
NRLC National Railway Labor Conference http://www.nrlc.ws
NRLC National Railway Labor Conference http://nrlc.ws
NRLCA National Rural Letter Carriers' Association http://nrlca.org
NRLCA National Rural Letter Carriers' Association http://www.nrlca.org
NRMCA National Ready Mixed Concrete Association http://nrmca.org
NRMLA National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association http://www.nrmlaonline.org
NRMLA National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association http://nrmlaonline.org
NRPA National Recreation and Parks Association http://nrpa.org
NRRA National Risk Retention Association http://nrra-usa.org
NRRA Northeast Resource Recovery Association http://www.nrra.net
NRTA National Retail Tenants Association http://retailtenants.org
NRTC National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative http://nrtc.coop
NRTO National Remotivation Therapy Organization http://remotivation.com
NRVMA National Roadside Vegetation Management Association http://nrvma.org
NRWA National Rural Water Association http://nrwa.org
NRWA National Rural Water Association http://www.nrwa.org
NSA National Shellfisheries Association http://shellfish.org
NSA National Sunflower Association http://www.sunflowernsa.com
NSA National Slag Association http://nationalslag.org
NSA National Sheriffs' Association http://sheriffs.org
NSA National Speakers Association http://nsaspeaker.org
NSA Neurosurgical Society of America http://neurosurgicalsociety.com
NSA National Subcontractors Alliance http://nationalsubcontractors.com
NSA Nebraska Sheriffs' Association http://www.nesheriffsassoc.org
NSA National Society of Accountants http://nsacct.org
NSA National Sheriffs' Association http://www.sheriffs.org
NSA National Stroke Association http://stroke.org
NSA National Sunroom Association http://nationalsunroom.org
NSA Nuclear Suppliers Association http://nuclearsuppliers.org
NSA National Sunflower Association http://sunflowernsa.com
NSA Nevada Subcontractors Association http://www.nevadasubcontractors.com
NSA-MN National Speakers Association - Minnesota Chapter http://www.nsa-mn.com
NSA/KY National Speakers Association - Kentucky Chapter http://www.nsakentucky.org
NSAA National Ski Area Association http://nsaa.org
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