April 17, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
NUCAAZ National Utility Contractors Association of Arizona http://www.nucaaz.org
NUMBA National United Merchants Beverage Association http://numba.biz/the_organization.html
NUSACC National United States Arab Chamber of Commerce http://www.nusacc.org
NUSACC National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce http://nusacc.org
NV-AGCA Associated General Contractors of America - Nevada Chapter http://www.nevadaagc.org
NV/CAL Nevada-California Housing Association http://www.nv-cal.org
NVAR Nevada Association of REALTORS http://www.nvar.org
NVBIA Northern Virginia Building Industry Association http://www.nvbia.com
NVCA National Venture Capital Association http://nvca.org
NVCA National Venture Capital Association http://www.nvca.org
NVCRA Nevada Court Reporters Association http://www.nvcra.org
NVFC National Volunteer Fire Council http://nvfc.org
NVLA National Vehicle Leasing Association http://nvla.org
NvMA Nevada Mining Association http://www.nevadamining.org
NVMA Nevada Veterinary Medical Association http://nevadavma.org
NVMA Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association http://www.nvma.org
NVNGA Nevada National Guard Association http://www.nvnga.org
NVRA National Verbatim Reporters Association http://nvra.org
NvRA Nevada Restaurant Association http://www.nvrestaurants.com
NvRWA Nevada Rural Water Association http://www.nvrwa.org
NVV Napa Valley Vintners Association http://napavintners.com
NVWGA Nevada Woolgrowers Association http://www.sheepusa.org/State_Sheep_Associations/state/NV
NWA National Watermelon Association http://www.nationalwatermelonassociation.com
NWA National Weather Association http://nwas.org
NWA National Writers Association http://nationalwriters.com
NWA National WIC Association http://nwica.org
NWA National Watermelon Association http://nationalwatermelonassociation.com
NWAAAE The Northwest Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives http://www.nwaaae.org
NWABR Northwest Association for Biomedical Research http://www.nwabr.org
NWBA National Wheelchair Basketball Association http://nwba.org
NWC National Waterways Conference http://waterways.org
NWCA National Wrestling Coaches Association http://nwcaonline.com
NWCB Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau http://www.nwcb.org
NWCCC Northwest Construction Consumer Council http://www.nwccc.org
NWCHA Northwest Clearing House Association http://www.nwcha.org
NWCUA Northwest Credit Union Association http://www.nwcua.org
NWDA Nebraska Well Drillers Association http://www.nebraskawelldrillers.org
NWDA Northeast Window and Door Association http://www.nwda.net
NWDOA Northwest Door and Operator Association http://www.nwdoors.org
NWF National Wildlife Federation http://nwf.org
NWFA National Wood Flooring Association http://nwfa.org
NWFA Northwest Fisheries Association http://www.northwestfisheries.org
NWFM Northwest Farm Managers Association http://www.nfmco.com
NWFPA Northwest Food Processors Association http://www.nwfpa.org
NWGA Northwest Gas Association http://www.nwga.org
NWGA Northwest Grocery Association http://www.nwgrocery.org
NWGA Nebraska Wheat Growers Association http://www.nebraskawheat.com
NWHA Northwest Hydroelectric Association http://www.nwhydro.org
NWHPBA Northwest Hearth Patio and Barbecue Association http://www.nwhpba.org
NWI National Wellness Institute, Inc. http://nationalwellness.org
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