April 19, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
NDFU North Dakota Farmers Union http://www.ndfu.org
NDGDA North Dakota Grain Dealers Association http://www.ndgda.org
NDGGA North Dakota Grain Growers Association http://www.ndgga.com
NDGA North Dakota Grocers Association http://www.ndgrocers.com
NDHA North Dakota Healthcare Association http://www.ndha.org
NDHA North Dakota Hospital Association http://www.ndha.org
NDHA North Dakota Hospitality Association http://www.ndhospitality.com
NDIDA North Dakota Implement Dealers Association http://www.ndida.com
NDLC North Dakota League of Cities http://www.ndlc.org
NDLA North Dakota Library Association http://www.ndla.info
NDLTCA North Dakota Long Term Care Association http://www.ndltca.org
NDMHA North Dakota Manufactured Housing Association http://www.ndmha.com
NDMA North Dakota Medical Association http://www.ndmed.org
NDM North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association http://www.ndmill.com
NDMCA North Dakota Motor Carriers Association http://www.ndmca.org
NDNA North Dakota Newspaper Association http://www.ndna.com
NDNGA North Dakota Nursery and Greenhouse Association http://www.ndnga.com
NDNA North Dakota Nurses Association http://www.ndna.org
NDOA North Dakota Optometric Association http://www.ndeyecare.com
NDOMA North Dakota Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.ndoma.net
NDPOA North Dakota Peace Officers Association http://www.ndpoa.org
NDPC North Dakota Petroleum Council http://www.ndoil.org
NDPMA North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association http://www.ndpetroleum.org
NDPhA North Dakota Pharmacists Association http://www.nodakpharmacy.net
NDPPC North Dakota Pork Producers Council http://www.ndpork.org
NDPA North Dakota Psychological Association http://www.ndpsych.org
NDPEA North Dakota Public Employees Association http://nd.aft.org/ndpea
NDRMCPA North Dakota Ready Mix and Concrete Products Association http://www.ndconcrete.com
NDRA North Dakota Retail Association http://www.ndretail.org
NDRWSA North Dakota Rural Water Systems Association http://www.ndrw.org
NDSC North Dakota Safety Council http://www.ndsc.org
NDSBA North Dakota School Boards Association http://www.ndsba.org
NDSCPA North Dakota Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.ndscpa.org
NDSPE North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers http://www.ndspe.org
NDSAA North Dakota States Attorney Association http://www.ndsaa.org
NDSA North Dakota Stockmen's Association http://www.ndstockmen.org
NDTF North Dakota Turkey Federation http://www.ndturkey.org
NDWUA North Dakota Water Users Association http://www.ndwater.com/ndwua.htm
NDWC North Dakota Wheat Commission http://www.ndwheat.com
NEARS North East Association of Rail Shippers http://www.railshippers.com/regional/northeast/default.asp
NEFA North East Fabricare Association http://www.nefabricare.com
NPFVOA North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners' Association http://www.npfvoa.org
NPPS North Pacific Pediatric Society http://www.northpacificpediatricsociety.org
NTSP North Texas Specialty Physicians http://www.ntsp.com
NTSP North Texas Specialty Physicians http://www.ntsp.com
NATD North-American Association of Telecommunications Dealers http://www.natd.com
N-SSA North-South Skirmish Association http://www.n-ssa.org
NBGA Northarvest Bean Growers Association http://www.northarvestbean.org
NBGA Northarvest Bean Growers Association http://www.northarvestbean.org
NEAFA Northeast Ag and Feed Alliance http://www.northeastalliance.com
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