October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    O4A Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging http://www.ohioaging.org
    OA Order of the Arrow http://www.oa-bsa.org
    OA Osborne Association http://osborneny.org
    OAA Opticians Association of America http://oaa.org
    OAA Ohio Auctioneers Association http://ohioauctioneers.org
    OAA Oregon Acupuncture Association http://www.oregonacupuncture.com
    OAA Oregon Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine http://oregonacupuncture.com
    OAAA Outdoor Advertising Association of America http://oaaa.org
    OAAA Outdoor Advertising Association of America http://oaaa.org
    OAAG Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia http://www.oaag.net
    OAAM Outdoor Advertising Association of Michigan http://oaam.org
    OAAP Outdoor Advertising Association of Pennsylvania http://www.oaaa.org
    OAAPN Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses http://oaapn.org
    OAASC Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers http://oaasc.net
    OAAW Outdoor Advertising Association of Wisconsin http://www.oaaw.org
    OAB Ohio Association of Broadcasters http://oab.org
    OAB Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters http://oabok.org
    OAB Oregon Association of Broadcasters http://www.theoab.org
    OABA Outdoor Amusement Business Association http://oaba.org
    OABA Ohio AgriBusiness Association http://www.oaba.net
    OABSE Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators http://www.oabse-portland.org/
    OAC/MEMA Overseas Automotive Council http://www.aftermarketsuppliers.org/Councils/OAC
    OACAA Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies http://oacaa.org
    OACB Ohio Association of County Boards of MR/DD http://www.oacbmrdd.org
    OACB Ohio Association of County Boards Serving People with Disabilities http://oacbdd.org
    OACBHA Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities http://oacbha.org
    OACC Ohio Association of Community Colleges http://www.ohiocommunitycolleges.org
    OACCA Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies http://www.oacca.org
    OACCS Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools http://ohiocareercolleges.org
    OACDL Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers http://oacdl.org
    OACES Oregon Association of County Engineers and Surveyors http://www.aocweb.org/aoc/CountyRoadProgram/OACES/tabid/1
    OACHC Ohio Association of Community Health Centers http://www.ohiochc.org
    OACP Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police http://theoacp.com
    OACP Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police http://oacp.org
    OACS&O Ohio Association of Cemetery Superintendents and Officials http://www.oacso.org
    OACS&O Ohio Cemetery Association http://www.oacso.org
    OACTA Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys http://www.oacta.org
    OACTE Ohio ACTE http://ohioacte.org
    OACUBO Ohio Association of College and University Business Officers http://www.oacubo.org
    OACVB Oregon Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus http://www.oacvb.com
    OACVB Ohio Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus http://www.oacvb.org
    OADA Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Association http://www.oklahomaada.com
    OADA Ohio Automobile Dealers Association http://www.oada.com
    OADA Oregon Automobile Dealers Association http://www.oada.biz
    OADC Oregon Association of Defense Counsel http://www.oadc.com
    OADC Oklahoma Association of Defense Counsel http://www.oadc.org
    OADL Oregon Association of Dental Laboratories http://www.oregondentallabs.org/
    OAEA Ohio Art Education Association http://www.oaea.org/
    OAEC Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives http://www.oaec.com
    OAEMS Ohio Association of Emergency Medical Services http://www.oaems.org


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