October 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    OHBA Ohio Home Builders Association http://www.ohiohba.com
    OCSA Ohio Construction Suppliers Association http://www.myocsa.org
    OMA Ohio Manufacturers Association http://www.ohiomfg.com
    OCA Ohio Coal Association http://www.ohiocoal.com
    OML Ohio Municipal League http://omlohio.org
    ONA Ohio Newspaper Association http://ohionews.org
    ONA Ohio Nurses Association http://www.ohnurses.org
    OOA Ohio Osteopathic Association http://associationdatabase.com/aws/OOSA/pt/sp/Home
    OPMCA Ohio Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association http://www.opmca.org/eweb/startpage.aspx
    OHFAMA Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association http://www.opma.org
    OQHA Ohio Quarter Horse Association http://www.oqha.com
    ORA Ohio Restaurant Association http://www.ohiorestaurant.org
    OC Ohio Concrete http://www.ohioconcrete.org
    OAFP Oregon Academy of Family Physicians http://www.oafp.org
    OAGD Oregon Academy of General Dentistry http://www.oragd.org
    OAR Oregon Association of REALTORS http://www.oregonrealtors.org
    OADA Oregon Automobile Dealers Association http://www.oada.biz
    ODA Oregon Dental Association http://www.oregondental.org
    OBA Oregon Bankers Association http://www.oregonbankers.com
    OIADA Oregon Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.oiada.com
    OFDA Oregon Funeral Directors Association http://www.ofda.org
    OAIFA Oregon Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors http://www.naifaoregon.org
    OTA Oregon Telecommunications Association http://www.ota-telecom.org
    OMA Oregon Medical Association http://www.theoma.org
    ONA Oregon Nurses Association http://www.oregonrn.org
    ONPA Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association http://www.orenews.com
    ORA Oregon Remodelers Association http://www.oregonremodelers.org
    OSCPA Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.orcpa.org
    OHBA Oregon Home Builders Association http://www.oregonhba.com
    OPSC Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California http://www.opsc.org
    OPSO Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of Oregon http://www.opso.org
    OAI Opticians Association of Iowa http://oaiowa.org
    OAIMA Ohio Aggregates and Industrial Minerals Association http://www.oaima.org
    OAJ Ohio Association for Justice http://www.oajustice.org
    OACVB Ohio Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus http://www.oacvb.org
    OEUI Ohio Electric Utility Institute http://www.oeui.org
    OAB Ohio Association of Broadcasters http://oab.org
    OLC Ohio Library Council http://www.olc.org
    OHLA Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association http://ohiolodging.com
    OAM Ohio Association of Movers http://ohiomovers.org
    OPC Ohio Petroleum Council http://www.api.org/news-and-media/news/newsitems/2013/feb
    ONLA Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association http://www.onla.org
    OSIA Ohio Self-Insurers Association http://www.osiaohio.org
    OTA Ohio Travel Association http://www.ohiotravel.org
    ORA Ohio Railroad Association http://www.ohiorailroadassociation.com
    ORAFL-CIO Oregon AFL-CIO http://www.oraflcio.org
    OKAFL-CIO Oklahoma State AFL-CIO http://www.ok.aflcio.org
    OAAW Outdoor Advertising Association of Wisconsin http://www.oaaw.org
    OHCNH Oil Heat Council of New Hampshire http://nhoilheat.com
    OCTA Oklahoma Cable and Telecommunications Association http://www.okcta.org


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