October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    OSBA Ohio State Bar Association http://www.ohiobar.org
    OSB Oregon State Bar http://www.osbar.org
    OHACEP American College of Emergency Physicians - Ohio Chapter http://ohacep.org
    OAL Optometry Association of Louisiana http://www.optla.org
    OREC Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives http://www.ohioruralelectric.coop
    OSAE Ohio Society of Association Executives http://osae.org
    OSCA Ohio State Chiropractic Association http://www.oscachiro.org
    OPA Ohio Pharmacists Association http://associationdatabase.com/aws/OPA/pt/sp/home_
    OTA Ohio Telecom Association http://ohiotelecom.com
    OTAA Ohio Tire & Automotive Association http://www.otdra.com
    OVMA Ohio Veterinary Medical Association http://www.ohiovma.org
    OTA Ohio Trucking Association http://www.ohiotruckingassn.org
    OACTE Ohio ACTE http://ohioacte.org
    OAR Oklahoma Association of REALTORS http://www.OklahomaRealtors.com
    OBA Oklahoma Bankers Association http://www.oba.com
    ODA Oklahoma Dental Association http://www.okda.org
    OCFA Oklahoma Consumer Finance Association http://www.okcfa.org
    OGFA Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association http://oklahomaag.com
    OHA Oklahoma Hospital Association http://www.okoha.com
    OARF Ohio Association of Rehabilitation Facilities http://www.oarf.net
    OH&LA Oklahoma Hotel and Lodging Association http://www.oklahomahotels.org
    OPGA Oklahoma Propane Gas Association http://okpropane.org
    OAFP Ohio Academy of Family Physicians http://www.ohioafp.org
    OLA Oklahoma Library Association http://oklibs.org
    OAESA Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators http://www.oaesa.org
    OMBA Oklahoma Malt Beverage Association http://oklahomabeer.org
    OPhA Oklahoma Pharmacists Association http://www.opha.com
    OOA Oklahoma Osteopathic Association http://okosteo.org
    OWMA Ohio Wholesale Marketers Association http://www.tobaccocandyconvention.com/associations.htm
    OPEA Oklahoma Public Employees Association http://opea.org
    OPA Oklahoma Press Association http://www.okpress.com
    OSCPA Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants http://oscpa.com
    OGA Oklahoma Grocers Association http://www.okgrocers.com
    OSPE Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers http://www.ospe.org
    OAHCP Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers http://www.oahcp.org
    OSHBA Oklahoma State Home Builders Association http://www.oshba.org
    OVMA Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association http://www.okvma.org
    OKACTE Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education http://www.okacte.org
    OADA Ohio Automobile Dealers Association http://www.oada.com
    OATRA Ohio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association http://www.oatra.net
    OCA Ohio Cleaners Association http://www.ohiocleaners.org
    OFSA Ohio Financial Services Association http://www.ohiofsa.org
    OCRM Ohio Council of Retail Merchants http://www.ocrm.net
    ODA Ohio Dental Association http://oda.org
    OAND Ohio Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics http://associationdatabase.com/aws/ODA/pt/sp/Home_
    OEA Ohio Education Association http://www.ohea.org
    OFA Ohio Florists Association http://ofa.org
    OFDA Ohio Funeral Directors Association http://www.ohio-fda.org
    OABA Ohio AgriBusiness Association http://www.oaba.net
    OGA Ohio Grocers Association http://www.ohiogrocers.org


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