April 24, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
PIA WEST Professional Insurance Agents - Western Alliance http://www.piawest.com
PIA-MS Professional Insurance Agents of Mississippi http://www.piams.com
PIA-SC Professional Insurance Agents of South Carolina http://www.piasc.net
PIA/GATF Printing Industries of America http://printing.org
PIAA Physician Insurers Association of America http://piaa.us
PIAa Professional Independent Agents Association of Ohio, Inc. (PIAA) http://www.ohiopia.com
PIAAR Professional Insurance Agents of Arkansas http://www.piaar.com
PIABA Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association http://piaba.org
PIABA Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association http://piaba.org
PIACT Professional Insurance Agents Associations of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut http://www.pia.org
PIADA Pennsylvania Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.piada.org
PIAG Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia http://www.piag.org
PIAGA Professional Insurance Agents of Georgia http://www.piaga.net
PIAKY Professional Insurance Agents of Kentucky http://www.piaky.org
PIAL Property Insurance Association of Louisiana http://www.pial.org
PIAL Professional Insurance Agents of Louisiana http://www.piaoflouisiana.com
PIAMS Printing and Imaging Association Mountain States http://www.piams.org
PIAND Professional Insurance Agents of North Dakota http://www.piand.com
PIANKO Printing Industries Association, Inc., Serving Northern Kentucky & Ohio http://www.pianko.org
PIAS The Printing Industry Association of the South http://www.pias.org
PIASC Printing Industries Association of Southern California http://www.piasc.org
PIAVA&DC Professional Insurance Agents Association of Virginia and the District of Columbia http://www.piavadc.com
PIAZ Printing Industries Association of Arizona http://www.piaz.org
PIBOAVA Private Investigator Business Owners Association of Virginia http://www.piava.org
PIC Printing Industries of Colorado http://www.printincolorado.org
PICA The Printing Industry of the Carolinas, Inc. http://www.picanet.org
PICA Professional Insurance Communicators of America http://pro-ins-coa.org
PICE Printing Industry Credit Executives http://pice.com
PICPA Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants http://www.picpa.org
PIDA Pet Industry Distributors Association http://pida.org
PIFC Personal Insurance Federation of California http://www.pifc.org
PIFE Printing Industry Financial Executives http://printing.org/pife
PIGC Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast http://www.pigulfcoast.com
PIHRA Professionals in Human Resources Association http://www.pihra.org
PII Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Association http://www.pii.org
PIIAC Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado http://www.iiaba.net/CO/default?ContentPreference=CO&ActiveTab=STATE&ActiveState...
PIJAC Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council http://pijac.org
PIM Printing Industries of the Midlands http://www.pimidlands.typepad.com
PIM Printing Industries of Michigan http://www.print.org
PIM Printing Industry of Minnesota http://www.pimn.org
PIMA Professional Insurance Marketing Association http://pima-assn.org
PIMA Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association http://pima.org
PINE Printing Industries of New England http://www.pine.org
PIOGA Independent Oil and Gas Association of Pennsylvania http://www.pioga.org
PIOGA Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association http://www.pioga.org
PIRA Petroleum Investor Relations Association http://www.pira.org
PIU Printing Industries of Utah http://www.piofutah.org
PIVA Printing Industries of Virginia http://www.piva.com
PIW Printing Industries of Wisconsin http://www.piw.org
PJA Pennsylvania Jewelers Association http://www.pajewelers.org
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