May 23, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

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PBA Pennsylvania Builders Association
PBFAA Pennsylvania Burglar and Fire Alarm Association
PBA Pennsylvania Bus Association
PBC Pennsylvania Business Council
PCOA Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association
PCBI Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
PCIC Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council
PCPA Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association
PACCA Pennsylvania Child Care Association
PCA Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
PCA Pennsylvania Coal Alliance
PCA Pennsylvania Coal Association
PCNP Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
PCA Pennsylvania Collectors Association
PCIM Pennsylvania College of Internal Medicine
PaCCC Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges
PCPA Pennsylvania Community Providers Association
PCPA Pennsylvania Concrete Pipe Association
PCSS Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies
PCCYFS Pennsylvania Council of Children Youth and Family Services
PCRA Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association
PCUA Pennsylvania Credit Union Association
PCUA Pennsylvania Credit Union Association
PDFA Pennsylvania Deer Farmers Association
PDI Pennsylvania Defense Institute
PDA Pennsylvania Dental Association
PADA Pennsylvania Dietetic Association
PDAA Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association
PEDA Pennsylvania Economic Development Association
PFB Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
PAFU Pennsylvania Farmers Union
PFFSO Pennsylvania Federation of Fraternal and Social Organizations
PFMHO Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations
PFSA Pennsylvania Financial Services Association
PFMA/PCSC Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association/Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council
PFGC Pennsylvania Forage & Grassland Council
PFPA Pennsylvania Forest Products Association
PFA Pennsylvania Forestry Association
PFA Pennsylvania Foundry Association
PFDA Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association
PGRA Pennsylvania Gasoline Retailers Association
PGO Pennsylvania Golf Course Owners Organization
PGWA Pennsylvania Ground Water Association
PHCA Pennsylvania Health Care Association
PHHA Pennsylvania Hearing Healthcare Association
PHIA Pennsylvania Highway Information Association
PHA Pennsylvania Historical Association
PHA Pennsylvania Holstein Association
PHA Pennsylvania Homecare Association
PHBA Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Association
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