April 20, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
PHA Percheron Horse Association of America http://percheronhorse.org
PREA Pension Real Estate Association http://prea.org
PVMA Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association http://www.pavma.org
PVGA Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association http://www.pvga.org
PUCA Pennsylvania Utility Contractors Association http://www.nucapa.org
PTC Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council http://www.paturf.org
PTLA Pennsylvania Tourism and Lodging Association http://www.patourism.org
PTHA Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association, Inc. http://patha.org
PTS Pennsylvania Thoracic Society http://www.thoracic.org/chapters/thoracic-society-
PTA Pennsylvania Telephone Association http://www.patel.org
PTA Pennsylvania Tavern Association http://www.pataverns.com
PSTA Pennsylvania State Troopers Association http://www.psta.org
PSSA Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association http://www.pasnow.org
PSNA Pennsylvania State Nurses Association http://www.panurses.org
PSG Pennsylvania State Grange http://www.pagrange.org
PSEA Pennsylvania State Education Association http://www.psea.org
PSCFO Pennsylvania State Council of Farm Organizations http://www.pscfo.com
PSCA Pennsylvania State Constables Association http://www.pscaconstable.org
PSADA Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association http://www.psada.org
PSATS Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors http://www.psats.org
PSATC Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners http://www.plcm.org
PSACF Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs http://www.pafairs.org
PSAB Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs http://www.boroughs.org
PSAHPERD Pennsylvania State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance http://www.psahperd.org
PSPA Pennsylvania Society of Public Accountants http://www.pspa-state.org
PSPE Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers http://www.pspe.org
PSPA Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants http://www.pspa.net
PSLS Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors http://www.psls.org
PSHP Pennsylvania Society of Health System Pharmacists http://www.pshp.org
PSEA Pennsylvania Society of Enrolled Agents http://paenrolledagents.com
PSDVS Pennsylvania Society of Directors of Volunteer Services http://www.psdvs.memberlodge.org
PSA Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists http://www.psanes.org
PSA Pennsylvania Sheriffs' Association http://www.pasheriffs.org
PASSA Pennsylvania Self Storage Association http://www.paselfstorage.org
PSCA Pennsylvania School Counselors Association http://www.psca-web.org
PSBA Pennsylvania School Bus Association http://www.paschoolbus.org
PSBA Pennsylvania School Boards Association http://www.psba.org
PSFCA Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association http://www.psfca.org
PRWA Pennsylvania Rural Water Association http://www.prwa.com
PREA Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association http://www.prea.com
PRA Pennsylvania Retailers Association http://www.paretailers.org
PRA Pennsylvania Restaurant Association http://www.parestaurant.org
PRLA Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association http://www.prla.org
PRLA Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association http://www.patourism.org
PRVCA Pennsylvania Recreational Vehicle and Camping Association http://www.prvca.org
PRPS Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society http://www.prps.org
PRS Pennsylvania Radiological Society http://www.paradsoc.org
PPTA Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association http://www.ppta.net
PPA Pennsylvania Psychological Association http://www.papsy.org
PPS Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society http://www.papsych.org
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