October 31, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
PNPCA Pacific Northwest Precast Concrete Association http://www.pnpca.net
PNRC Public Notice Resource Center http://pnrc.net
PNSAA Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association http://www.pnsaa.org
PNSFA Pacific Northwest Steel Fabricators Association http://www.pnsfa.org
PNUCC Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee http://pnucc.org
PNVA Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association http://www.pnva.org
PNWA Pacific Northwest Hardware and Implement Association http://www.pnwassoc.com/
PNWA Pacific Northwest Association http://www.pnwassoc.com
PNWA Pacific Northwest Waterways Association http://www.pnwa.net
PNWA Pacific Northwest Writers Association http://www.pnwa.org
PNWARS Pacific Northwest Association of Rail Shippers http://www.pnrailshippers.com
PNWCTA Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association http://www.pnwcta.org
PNWGFA Pacific Northwest Grain and Feed Association http://www.pnwgfa.org
PNWPGA Professional Golfers Association of America - Pacific Northwest Section http://pnwpga.com
PNWRCC Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters http://www.carpenterspnwrc.org
PO Philanthropy Ohio http://www.ohiograntmakers.org
POA Property Owners Association http://poanj.org
POA Pennsylvania Optometric Association http://pennsylvania.aoa.org
POAC Pony of the Americas Club http://poac.org
POAG Peace Officers Association of Georgia http://www.poag.org
POAG Georgia Peace Officer Association http://www.poag.org
POAM Police Officers Association of Michigan http://www.poam.net
POC Porsche Owners Club http://www.porscheclub.com
POCI Pontiac-Oakland Club International http://www.poci.org
POD Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education http://podnetwork.org
POF Professional Opticians of Florida http://pofce.org
POMA Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.poma.org
POMAA Physician Office Managers Association of America http://pomaa.net
POMS Production and Operations Management Society http://poms.org
PONL Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders http://www.ponl.net
PONY PONY Baseball/Softball http://pony.org
POPA Patent Office Professional Association http://popa.org
POPAI Point of Purchase Advertising Institute http://popai.com
POPAI POPAI The Global Association for Marketing at Retail http://www.popai.com
POPAI Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana http://gopopai.org
PORAC Peace Officers Research Association of California http://porac.org
PORAC Peace Officers Research Association of California http://www.porac.org
POS Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society http://www.paorthosociety.org
POSNA Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America http://posna.org
PostCom Association for Postal Commerce http://postcom.org
PPA Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical Association http://www.papharmacists.com
PPA Pennsylvania Psychological Association http://www.papsy.org
PPA Professional Putters Association http://proputters.com
PPA Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association http://www.papharmacists.com
PPA Professional Photographers of America http://ppa.com
PPA Parenting Media Association http://parentingpublications.org
PPA Professional Photographers of America http://www.ppa.com
PPA Perennial Plant Association http://perennialplant.org
PPA Publishers' Publicity Association http://www.publisherspublicity.org
PPA Pennsylvania Planning Association http://www.planningpa.org
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