April 19, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
POF Professional Opticians of Florida http://www.pof.org
POMA Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.poma.org
POMAA Physician Office Managers Association of America http://pomaa.net
POMS Production and Operations Management Society http://poms.org
PONL Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders http://www.panurseleaders.org
POPA Patent Office Professional Association http://popa.org
POPAI Point of Purchase Advertising Institute http://popai.com
POPAI POPAI The Global Association for Marketing at Retail http://popai.com
POPAI Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana http://gopopai.org
PORAC Peace Officers Research Association of California http://www.porac.org
PORAC Peace Officers Research Association of California http://www.porac.org
POS Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society http://www.paorthosociety.org
POSNA Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America http://posna.org
POSTCOM Association for Postal Commerce http://postcom.org
PPA Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical Association http://www.papharmacists.com
PPA Pennsylvania Psychological Association http://www.papsy.org
PPA Professional Putters Association http://proputters.com
PPA Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association http://www.papharmacists.com
PPA Professional Photographers of America http://ppa.com
PPA Parenting Media Association http://parentingpublications.org
PPA Professional Photographers of America http://www.ppa.com
PPA Perennial Plant Association http://perennialplant.org
PPA Publishers' Publicity Association http://www.publisherspublicity.org
PPA Pennsylvania Planning Association http://www.planningpa.org
PPAI Promotional Products Association International http://ppa.org
PPAM Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts http://ppam.com
PPANE Professional Photographers Association of New England http://www.ppane.com
PPANM Professional Photographers Association of New Mexico http://www.ppanm.com
PPAOFPA Professional Photographers Association of Pennsylvania http://www.ppaofpa.org
PPAT Private Providers Association of Texas http://www.ppat100.com
PPC North American Packaging Association http://www.ppcnet.org
PPC Public Power Council http://www.ppcpdx.org
PPC Professional Photographers of California http://www.ppconline.com
PPC Paperboard Packaging Council http://ppcnet.org
PPC Petroleum Packaging Council http://ppcouncil.org
PPC Public Power Council http://www.ppcpdx.org
PPFA Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association http://ppfahome.org
PPFA Professional Picture Framers Association http://pmai.org/ppfa
PPFFA Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association http://www.ppffa.org
PPGGNY Philanthropic Planning Group of Greater New York http://www.ppggny.org
PPI Professional Photographers of Indiana http://ppofi.org
PPI Pacific Printing and Imaging Association http://www.ppiassociation.org
PPI Pickle Packers International http://ilovepickles.org
PPI Plastics Pipe Institute http://plasticpipe.org
PPI Professional Photographers of Iowa http://www.ppiowa.com
PPI Pacific Pension Institute http://www.pacificpension.org
PPLA Pharmaceutical Printed Literature Association http://pplaonline.org
PPM Professional Photographers of Michigan http://www.ppm.org
PPMA Pennsylvania Pest Management Association http://www.papmaonline.net/papma
PPMA Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association http://www.ppma.org
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