December 22, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
PNPCA Pacific Northwest Precast Concrete Association
PNRC Public Notice Resource Center
PNSAA Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association
PNSFA Pacific Northwest Steel Fabricators Association
PNUCC Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee
PNVA Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association
PNWA Pacific Northwest Hardware and Implement Association
PNWA Pacific Northwest Association
PNWA Pacific Northwest Waterways Association
PNWA Pacific Northwest Writers Association
PNWARS Pacific Northwest Association of Rail Shippers
PNWCTA Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association
PNWGFA Pacific Northwest Grain and Feed Association
PNWPGA Professional Golfers Association of America - Pacific Northwest Section
PNWRCC Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
PO Philanthropy Ohio
POA Property Owners Association
POA Pennsylvania Optometric Association
POAC Pony of the Americas Club
POAG Peace Officers Association of Georgia
POAG Georgia Peace Officer Association
POAM Police Officers Association of Michigan
POC Porsche Owners Club
POCI Pontiac-Oakland Club International
POD Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education
POF Professional Opticians of Florida
POMA Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association
POMAA Physician Office Managers Association of America
POMS Production and Operations Management Society
PONL Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders
PONY PONY Baseball/Softball
POPA Patent Office Professional Association
POPAI Point of Purchase Advertising Institute
POPAI POPAI The Global Association for Marketing at Retail
POPAI Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana
PORAC Peace Officers Research Association of California
PORAC Peace Officers Research Association of California
POS Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society
POSNA Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America
PostCom Association for Postal Commerce
PPA Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical Association
PPA Pennsylvania Psychological Association
PPA Professional Putters Association
PPA Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association
PPA Professional Photographers of America
PPA Parenting Media Association
PPA Professional Photographers of America
PPA Perennial Plant Association
PPA Publishers' Publicity Association
PPA Pennsylvania Planning Association
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