October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    PENN HOSA Health Occupations Students of America: Pennsylvania Chapter http://www.pahosa.org
    PEO Professional Engineers of Oregon http://www.oregonengineers.com
    PEPA Pacific Egg and Poultry Association http://www.pacificegg.org
    PEPP Professional Engineers in Private Practice http://nspe.org/InterestGroups/PEPP/index.html
    PER Public Employees Roundtable http://keyinsurancequotes.com/pssp.html
    PERA Production Equipment Rental Association http://na.plasa.org/perg/perg.htm
    PERA Production Engine Remanufacturers Association http://pera.org
    PERC Propane Engine Fuel Committee/Propane Education and Research Council http://propanecouncil.org
    PERF Police Executive Research Forum http://policeforum.org
    PERI Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute http://peri.org
    PES Philosophy of Education Society http://philosophyofeducation.org
    PES Pediatric Endocrine Society http://pedsendo.org/home/
    PESA Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association http://pesa.org
    PETRA PET Resin Association http://petresin.org
    PF The Philatelic Foundation http://www.philatelicfoundation.org
    PF Philatelic Foundation http://www.philatelicfoundation.org
    PFA Pierre Fauchard Academy http://fauchard.org
    PFA Professional Fraternity Association http://profraternity.org
    PFA Pennsylvania Forestry Association http://www.paforestry.org
    PFA Pedorthic Footwear Association http://pedorthics.org
    PFA Polyurethane Foam Association http://pfa.org
    PFA Pennsylvania Foundry Association http://www.pfaweb.org
    PFAC Professional Fiduciary Association of California http://www.pfac-pro.org
    PFANJ Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey http://www.pfanj.org
    PFATS Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society http://pfats.com
    PFB Pennsylvania Farm Bureau http://pfb.com
    PFDA Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association http://www.pfda.org
    PFDI Preferred Funeral Directors International http://www.pfdi.org
    PFEANE Painting and Finishing Employer Association of New England http://paintandglass.org
    PFFA Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona http://pffaz.org
    PFFM Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts http://www.pffm.org
    PFFMD Professional Fire Fighters of Maryland http://www.pffmd.org
    PFFSO Pennsylvania Federation of Fraternal and Social Organizations http://pffso.org
    PFFU Professional Fire Fighters of Utah http://www.pffu.org
    PFFW Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin http://pffw.org
    PFGC Pennsylvania Forage & Grassland Council http://www.afgc.org/pennsylvania.php
    PFHA Paso Fino Horse Association, Inc. http://pfha.org
    PFI Pipe Fabrication Institute http://pfi-institute.org
    PFI Pellet Fuels Institute http://pelletheat.org
    PFI Pet Food Institute http://petfoodinstitute.org
    PFMA/PCSC Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association/Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council http://www.pfma.org
    PFMC Pacific Fishery Management Council http://www.pcouncil.org
    PFMHO Pennsylvania Museums http://pamuseums.org
    PFMHO Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations http://pamuseums.org
    PFPA Pennsylvania Forest Products Association http://paforestproducts.org
    PFPG Plastics Foodservice Packaging Group http://plasticfoodservicefacts.com
    PFSA Pennsylvania Financial Services Association http://www.vphillipsassoc.com/PFSA.html
    PFWA Professional Football Writers of America http://pfwa.org
    PGA Professional Golfers Association of America http://pga.com
    PGA Professional Golfers Association of America http://pga.com


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