June 30, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
SIIS Southwestern Insurance Information Service http://siisinfo.org
SIIM Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine http://siim.org
SIIA Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. http://siia.org
SIIA Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) http://www.siia.net
SIIA Software and Information Industry Association http://www.siia.net
SIIA Software Information Industry Association http://siia.net
SIHS Society for Italian Historical Studies http://italianhistoricalstudies.org
SIGWEB Special Interest Group on Hypertext/Hypermedia http://sigweb.org
SIGUCCS Special Interest Group for University and College Computing Services http://siguccs.org
SIGTC Special Interest Group for Technology Coordinators http://iste.org/connect/special-interest-groups/sigtc
SIGSOFT Special Interest Group on Software Engineering http://sigsoft.org
SIGSAM Special Interest Group for Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation http://sigsam.org
SIGSAC Special Interest Group on Security, Audit, and Control http://sigsac.org
SIGPLAN Special Interest Group on Programming Languages http://sigplan.org
SIGOPS Special Interest Group on Operating Systems http://sigops.org
SIGMOD Special Interest Group on Management of Data http://sigmod.org
SIGMOBILE Special Interest Group on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing http://sigmobile.org
SIGMM Special Interest Group on Multimedia http://sigmm.org
SIGMIS Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems http://sigmis.org
SIGMICRO Special Interest Group for Microarchitecture http://sigmicro.org
SIGMA Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA) http://sigma.org
SIGMA Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA) http://sigma.org
SIGIR Special Interest Group for Information Retrieval http://sigir.org
SIGGRAPH Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics http://siggraph.org
SIGDOC Special Interest Group for Design of Communication http://sigdoc.org
SIGCSE Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education http://sigcse.org
SIGCOMM Special Interest Group for Data Communication http://sigcomm.org
SIGCHI Special Interest Group for Computer-Human Interaction http://sigchi.org
SIGCAS Special Interest Group for Computers and Society http://sigcas.org
SIGARt Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence http://sigart.org
SIGARCH Special Interest Group for Architecture of Computer Systems http://sigarch.org
SIGAPP Special Interest Group on Applied Computing http://sigapp.org
SIGAPL Special Interest Group on APL Programming Language http://sigapl.org
SIGAda Special Interest Group on Ada Programming Language http://sigada.org
SIGACT Special Interest Group for Algorithm and Computation Theory http://sigact.acm.org
SIGACCESS Special Interest Group on Accessible Computing http://sigaccess.org
SIG The Bluetooth Special Interest Group http://bluetooth.com
SIFMA Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) http://sifma.org
SIFM Society of Insurance Financial Management http://sifm.org
SIFH Selected Independent Funeral Homes http://selectedfuneralhomes.org
SIF Schools Interoperability Framework Association http://sifassociation.org
SIETAR-USA Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research - USA http://www.sietarusa.org
SIDP Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists http://sidp.org
SID Society for Information Display http://sid.org
SID The Society for Investigative Dermatology http://sidnet.org
SID The Society for Investigative Dermatology http://sidnet.org
SICP Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals http://sicp.com
SICB Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology http://sicb.org
SICA Soccer Industry Council of America http://sfia.org/industryaffairs/committees/soccer
SIBF Society of International Business Fellows http://sibf.org
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