October 23, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
SEFA Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association http://sefalabs.com
SEE-AL Society of Explosives Engineers - Alabama Chapter http://www.isee.org
SEE Southeastern Electric Exchange http://www.theexchange.org
SEE Society for Excellence in Eyecare http://excellenteyesurgery.com
SEDC Southern Economic Development Council, Inc. http://www.sedc.org
SEDA Southeast Desalting Association http://www.southeastdesalting.com
SEDA Southern Equipment Dealers Association http://www.seda-assn.com
SEDA SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Association http://www.equipmentdealers.org
SEDA Safety Equipment Distributors Association http://www.safetycentral.org
SECWA Southeastern Carwash Association http://www.secwa.org
SECSNM Society of Nuclear Medicine - Southeast Chapter http://secsnm.org
SECID Southeast Consortium for International Development http://www.secid.org
SECGA Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association http://www.southerncottonginners.org
SECF Southeastern Council on Foundations http://secf.org
SECA Surface Engineering Coating Association http://surfaceengineering.org
SEC Softwood Export Council http://www.softwood.org
SEBM Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine http://sebm.org
SEB Society for Economic Botany http://cms.gogrid.econbot.org/
SEAUPG Southeastern Asphalt User Producer Group http://www.seaupg.org
SEAT Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology http://seatconsortium.com
SEARS Southeast Association of Rail Shippers http://www.serailshippers.com
SEAPA Southeast Alaska Pilots Association http://www.seapa.com
SEAOI Structural Engineers Association of Illinois http://www.seaoi.org
SEAOC Structural Engineers Association of California http://www.seaoc.org
SEAoA Structural Engineers Association of Arizona http://www.seaoa.org
SEANH State Employees Association of New Hampshire/SEIU Local 1984 http://www.seiu1984.org
SEANC The State Employees Association of North Carolina http://seanc.org
SEAMS SEAMS Association http://seams.org
SEAFWA Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies http://www.seafwa.org
SEAFC Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs http://www.seafc.org
SEACSM American College of Sports Medicine - Southeast Chapter http://www.seacsm.org
SEA Society for Education in Anesthesia http://seahq.org
SEA Southern Economic Association http://www.southerneconomic.org
SEA Senior Executives Association http://seniorexecs.org
SEA Society for Economic Anthropology http://econanthro.org
SDWWA South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association http://www.sdwwa.org
SDWG South Dakota Wheat Growers http://www.wheatgrowers.com
SDVMA South Dakota Veterinary Medical Association http://www.sdvetmed.org
SDTLA South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association http://sdtla.com
SDTA South Dakota Telecommunications Association http://www.sdtaonline.com
SDTA South Dakota Trucking Association http://www.southdakotatrucking.com
SDSPLS South Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors http://sdspls.org
SDSMA South Dakota State Medical Association http://www.sdsma.org
SDSGA South Dakota Stockgrowers Association http://www.southdakotastockgrowers.org
SDSEO South Dakota State Employees Organization http://sdseo.org
SDSAA South Dakota State's Attorney's Association http://sdstatesattorneys.org/
SDSA South Dakota Soybean Association http://www.sdsoybean.org
SDS Society for Disability Studies http://disstudies.org
SDREA South Dakota Rural Electric Association http://www.sdrea.coop
SDRA South Dakota Retailers Association http://sdra.org
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