October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    SAO Southern Association of Orthodontists http://www.saortho.org
    SNA Southern Nursery Association, Inc. http://www.sna.org
    STSA Southern Thoracic Surgical Association http://www.stsa.org
    SAWD Southern Association of Wholesale Distributors http://www.the-southern.org
    SWSP Southwest Society of Periodontists http://www.swsp.org
    SWSC Southwestern Surgical Congress http://www.swscongress.org
    SMARCA Sheet Metal, Air Conditioning and Roofing Contractors Association of Minnesota, North and South Dako http://www.smacna.org/AM/template.cfm?Search=3&type=Chapt
    SHCWMK Safety and Health Council of Western Missouri and Kansas http://www.safetycouncilmoks.com
    SBAM Small Business Association of Michigan http://www.sbam.org
    SMACNA Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, Colorado Chapter http://www.smacnacolorado.org
    SBANE Smaller Business Association of New England http://sbane.org
    SDA Southwest Drycleaners Association http://sda-dryclean.com
    SWA Southwestern Association http://www.swassn.com
    SC-OABI State Chamber - Oklahoma's Association of Business and Industry http://www.okstatechamber.com
    SAI School Administrators of Iowa http://www.sai-iowa.org
    SSCA Southern Seed Certification Association, Inc. http://www.ag.auburn.edu/auxiliary/ssca
    SAA Subcontractors Association of Alabama http://www.workersfirst.net
    SD AFL-CIO South Dakota State Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO http://sd.aflcio.org/sdaflcio
    SCBA South Carolina Bankers Association http://www.scbankers.org
    SCCA The South Carolina Chiropractic Association http://scchiropractic.org
    SCACS South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores http://www.scacs.org
    SDACD South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts http://www.nacdnet.org/south-dakota
    SCCUL South Carolina Credit Union League http://www.sccul.org
    SDCA South Dakota Counseling Association http://www.sdcounseling.org
    SCDA South Carolina Dental Association http://www.scda.org
    SDBIC South Dakota Beef Industry Council http://sdbeef.org
    SCSPE South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers http://scspe.org
    SCPA South Carolina Press Association http://www.scpress.org
    SCNA South Carolina Nurses Association http://www.scnurses.org
    SDAPHCC South Dakota Association of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors http://www.sdphcc.org
    SCASA South Carolina Association of School Administrators http://www.scasa.org
    SCOPA South Carolina Optometric Physicians Association http://southcarolina.aoa.org
    SCSBA South Carolina School Boards Association http://scsba.org
    SDATC South Dakota Association of Telephone Cooperatives http://www.sdatconline.com
    SCTDRA South Carolina Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association http://www.sctdra.com
    SCAV South Carolina Association of Veterinarians http://www.scav.org
    SCVA South Carolina Vending Association http://scvend.com
    SDEA South Dakota Education Association http://www.sdea.org
    SDCA South Dakota Chiropractors Association http://www.sdchiropractors.com
    SDFBF South Dakota Farm Bureau Federation http://sdfbf.org
    SDFU South Dakota Farmers Union http://www.sdfu.org
    SDFDA South Dakota Funeral Directors Association http://www.sdfda.org
    SDHA South Dakota Hereford Association http://www.southdakotaherefords.org
    SDAHO South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations http://www.sdaho.org
    SDNA South Dakota Nurses Association http://www.sdnursesassociation.org
    SDOS South Dakota Optometric Society http://www.sdeyes.org
    SDPOA South Dakota Peace Officers' Association http://southdakotapoa.com
    SDPhA South Dakota Pharmacists Association http://www.sdpha.org
    SD2PMA South Dakota Petroleum & Propane Marketers Association http://sdp2ma.com
    SDPPC South Dakota Pork Producers Council http://www.sdppc.org


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