July 01, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
SDTA South Dakota Telecommunications Association http://www.sdtaonline.com
SDTLA South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association http://sdtla.com
SDTA South Dakota Trucking Association http://www.southdakotatrucking.com
SDVMA South Dakota Veterinary Medical Association http://www.sdvetmed.org
SDWWA South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association http://www.sdwwa.org
SDWG South Dakota Wheat Growers http://www.wheatgrowers.com
SEFA South Eastern Fabricare Association http://www.sefa.org
SMEPA South Mississippi Electric Power Association http://smepa.coop
SMEPA South Mississippi Electric Power Association http://www.smepa.coop
SEAPA Southeast Alaska Pilots Association http://www.seapa.com
SEARS Southeast Association of Rail Shippers http://www.serailshippers.com
SECID Southeast Consortium for International Development http://www.secid.org
SEDA Southeast Desalting Association http://www.southeastdesalting.com
SELA Southeast Lipid Association http://www.lipid.org/about/chapters/sela
SENPA Southeast Natural Products Association http://southeastnpa.org
STS Southeast Tourism Society http://southeasttourism.org
SUDIA Southeast United Dairy Industry Association http://www.southeastdairy.org
SAPA Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association http://www.sapatoday.com
SAHMA Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association http://sahma.org
SEAUPG Southeastern Asphalt User Producer Group http://www.seaupg.org
SEAFC Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs http://www.seafc.org
SEAFWA Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies http://www.seafwa.org
SASBO Southeastern Association of School Business Officials http://sasbo.org
SECWA Southeastern Carwash Association http://www.secwa.org
SCDL Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories http://www.scdl-online.org
SCOAR Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable, Inc. http://scoar.org
SECGA Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association http://www.southerncottonginners.org
SECF Southeastern Council on Foundations http://secf.org
SEE Southeastern Electric Exchange http://www.theexchange.org
SEDA SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Association http://www.equipmentdealers.org
SFA Southeastern Fisheries Association Inc. http://seafoodsustainability.us
SFA Southeastern Fisheries Association, Inc. http://seafoodsustainability.us/
SEGFA Southeastern Grain and Feed Association, Inc. http://www.segfa.org
SEHFA Southeastern Home Furnishings Association http://www.nhfa.org/Affiliates/SoutheasternHomeFurnishing
SOLINET Southeastern Library Network http://www.solinet.net
SLN Southeastern Livestock Network http://slnllc.com
SLMA Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, Inc. http://slma.org
SLMA Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, Inc. http://www.slma.org
SEMA Southeastern Meat Association http://southeasternmeat.com
SEMC Southeastern Museums Conference http://semcdirect.net
SENEME Southeastern New England Marine Educators http://www.seneme.org/
SEPGA Southeastern Pecan Growers Association http://sepga.com
SEPA Southeastern Planetarium Association http://www.sepadomes.org
SRAPPA Southeastern Regional Association of Physical Plant Administrators http://srappa.org
SESTA Southeastern Shoe Travelers Association http://www.atlantashoemarket.com/index.php/about-s
SESAF Southeastern Society of American Foresters http://www.sesaf.org
SSOMS Southeastern Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons http://www.ssoms.org
SSPD Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry http://www.sspd.org
SESPRS Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons http://www.sesprs.org
SESC Southeastern Surgical Congress http://sesc.org
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