May 23, 2015

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SAI Sugar Association
SIT Sugar Industry Technologists
SPRI Sugar Processing Research Institute
SSPMA Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association
SAA Sunglass Association of America
SAE Suntanning Association for Education
SCC Supply Chain Council
SDA Surface Design Association
SECA Surface Engineering Coating Association
SFIC Surface Finishing Industry Council
SMTA Surface Mount Technology Association
SIBF Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation
SIS Surgical Infection Society
SLA Surplus Line Association of California
SLAC Surplus Line Association of Colorado
SLA IDAHO Surplus Line Association of Idaho
SLA Surplus Line Association of Illinois
SLAOR Surplus Line Association of Oregon
SLAW Surplus Line Association of Washington
SAMSOG Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia
SBIC Sustainable Buildings Industry Council
SFA of MN Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota
SWACHA SWACHA - The Electronic Payments Resource
SWANA SWANA - Solid Waste Association of North America
SACC-USA Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the USA, Inc.
SAHS Swedish-American Historical Society
SOCMA Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association
SYFA Synthetic Yarn and Fiber Association
SDS System Dynamics Society
SSS System Safety Society
SMCS Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society
SBP The Society of Wedding Professionals
SIG The Bluetooth Special Interest Group
SCACHFS The Palmetto Association for Children and Families
SHCNNE The Safety and Health Council of Northern New England
SNA The School Nutrition Association of Massachusetts
STA The Securities Transfer Association
SI The Silver Institute
SI The Silver Institute
SBEA The Small Business Exporters Association of the United States
SAHM The Society for Adolescent Medicine
SFS The Society for Freshwater Science
SID The Society for Investigative Dermatology
SID The Society for Investigative Dermatology
SLACA The Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology
SCS The Society for Modeling and Simulation International
SCL The Society of Composers and Lyricists
SMCAF The Society of Medical Consultants to the Armed Forces
SNAME The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
SPS The Society of Pelvic Surgeons
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