April 24, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
SCBWA South Carolina Beer Wholesalers Association http://www.scbwa.com
SCBWI Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators http://scbwi.org
SCC Society of Cosmetic Chemists http://scconline.org
SCC Supply Chain Council http://supply-chain.org
SCC/NSC National Safety Council - South Carolina Chapter http://www.scnsc.org
SCCA South Carolina Cattlemen's Association http://www.sccattle.org
SCCA South Carolina Cemetery Association http://www.sccemeteryassociation.com
SCCA Sports Car Club of America http://www.scca.com
SCCA The South Carolina Chiropractic Association http://www.scchiropractic.org
SCCC South Carolina Chamber of Commerce http://www.scchamber.net
SCCC South Carolina Cooperative Council http://scco-opcouncil.org
SCCCA South Carolina Child Care Association http://www.southcarolinachildcareassociation.com
SCCEP South Carolina College of Emergency Physicians http://www.sccep.org
SCCFA Southern Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association http://www.scfa.info
SCCJC South Carolina Civil Justice Coalition http://www.sccjc.org
SCCM Society for Critical Care Medicine http://sccm.org
SCCR Society for Cross-Cultural Research http://sccr.org
SCCSA South Carolina Corn and Soybean Association http://www.sccsafarms.org
SCCTA South Carolina Cable Television Association http://www.mysccta.com
SCCUL South Carolina Credit Union League http://www.sccul.org
SCDA Special Care Dentistry Association http://www.scdonline.org
SCDA American Society for Geriatric Dentistry http://www.scdonline.org
SCDA Special Care Dentistry Association http://scdonline.org
SCDA South Carolina Dental Association http://www.scda.org
SCDA South Carolina Dairy Association http://scdairy.com
SCDA Special Care Dentistry http://scdonline.org
SCDL Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories http://www.scdl-online.org
SCDM Society for Clinical Data Management http://scdm.org
SCDTA South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys Association http://www.scdtaa.com
SCE Society of Christian Ethics http://scethics.org
SCEA The South Carolina Education Association http://www.thescea.org
SCEA Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis http://www.sceaonline.org
SCEA International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association effective http://sceaonline.org
SCEDA South Carolina Economic Developers' Association http://www.sceda.org
SCEH Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis http://sceh.us
SCEMC Snow Control Equipment Manufacturers Committee http://ntea.com/vango/core/committees.aspx?committee=
SCEMSA South Carolina Emergency Medical Services Association http://www.scemsassociation.com
SCFA South Carolina Forestry Association http://www.scforestry.org
SCFAA South Carolina Fertilizer and Agrichemicals Association http://www.scfaa.org
SCFB South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation http://www.scfb.org
SCFDA South Carolina Funeral Directors Association http://www.scfda.org
SCFMA South Carolina Fire Marshals Association http://www.scfma.org
SCG State Capital Group http://statecapitalgroup.org
SCG Southern Cotton Growers, Inc. http://www.southern-southeastern.org
SCGA Southern Cotton Ginners Association http://www.southerncottonginners.org
SCGWA South Carolina Ground Water Association http://www.scgwa.org
SCHA South Carolina Hospital Association http://www.scha.org
SCHCA South Carolina Home Care Association http://www.schomehealth.org
SCHMA South Carolina Healthcare Managers Association http://schma.org/cms
SCI Sponge and Chamois Institute http://chamoisinstitute.org
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