April 16, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
SCVS Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery http://scvs.org
SCUP Society for College and University Planning http://scup.org
SCRA Society for Community Research and Action http://scra27.org
SCiP Society for Computers in Psychology http://scip.ws
SCB Society for Conservation Biology http://conbio.org
SCP Society for Consumer Psychology http://myscp.org
SCA Society for Creative Anachronism http://www.sca.org
SCCM Society for Critical Care Medicine http://sccm.org
SCCR Society for Cross-Cultural Research http://sccr.org
SC Society for Cryobiology http://societyforcryobiology.org
SCA Society for Cultural Anthropology http://sca.culanth.org
SDBP Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics http://sdbp.org
SDB Society for Developmental Biology http://sdbonline.org
SDS Society for Disability Studies http://disstudies.org
SENTAC Society for Ear, Nose and Throat Advances in Children http://sentac.org
SER Society for Ecological Restoration International http://ser.org
SEA Society for Economic Anthropology http://econanthro.org
SEB Society for Economic Botany http://econbot.org
SEA Society for Education in Anesthesia http://seahq.org
SEGH Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health http://segh.net
SEGD Society for Environmental Graphic Design http://segd.org
SER Society for Epidemiologic Research http://epiresearch.org
SEM Society for Ethnomusicology http://ethnomusicology.org
SEE Society for Excellence in Eyecare http://excellenteyesurgery.com
SEBM Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine http://sebm.org
SEM Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc. http://sem.org
SFJ Society for Features Journalism http://featuresjournalism.org
SFM Society for Foodservice Management http://sfm-online.org
SFRBM Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine http://sfrbm.org
SFHS Society for French Historical Studies http://societyforfrenchhistoricalstudies.net
SGAS Society for German-American Studies http://sgas.org/
SGI Society for Gynecologic Investigation http://sgionline.org
SHCA Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy http://shca-aha.org
SHEA Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America http://shea-online.org
SHSMD Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development http://shsmd.org
SH Society for Hematopathology http://socforheme.org
SHAFR Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations http://shafr.org
SHEAR Society for Historians of the Early American Republic http://shear.org
SHA Society for Historical Archaeology http://sha.org
SHE Society for History Education http://societyforhistoryeducation.org
SHFG Society for History in the Federal Government http://shfg.org
SHE Society for Human Ecology http://societyforhumanecology.org
SHRM Society for Human Resource Management http://shrm.org
SHJ Society for Humanistic Judaism http://shj.org
SIIM Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine http://siimweb.org
SIVB Society for In Vitro Biology http://sivb.org
SIAM Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics http://siam.org
SIOP Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Inc. http://siop.org
SIA Society for Industrial Archeology http://sia-web.org
SIM Society for Industrial Microbiology http://simhq.org
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