October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    TANA Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists http://www.tncrna.com
    TALS Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services http://www.tals.org
    TCCA Tennessee County Commissioners Association http://www.tncountycommissioners.org
    TAJ Tennessee Association For Justice http://www.tnaj.org
    TCFA Tennessee Consumer Finance Association http://tnconsumerfinance.org
    TMEPA Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association http://www.tmepa.org
    TPCA Tennessee Primary Care Association http://www.tnpca.org
    TAND Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics http://www.eatright-tn.org
    TPA Tennessee Psychological Association http://www.tpaonline.org
    TTIA Texas Travel Industry Association http://www.ttia.org
    TPSA Texas Package Store Association http://www.texaspackage.com
    TAMIC Texas Association of Mutual Insurance Companies http://www.tamicconvention.com
    TIIAA Texas Independent Insurance Adjusters Association http://tiiaa.net
    TNPA Texas Notary Public Association http://www.tnpa.net
    TSLB Texas State Legislative Board of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen http://tslb.org
    TVA Texas Vegetable Association http://www.valleyagonline.com
    TPA Texas Pipeline Association http://www.texaspipelines.com
    TLW Tavern League of Wisconsin http://www.tlw.org
    TSA Tennessee Sheriffs' Association http://www.tnsheriffs.com
    TOMA Tennessee Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.tomanet.org
    TMHA Tennessee Manufactured Housing Association http://tnmha.org
    TPA Tennessee Paralegal Association http://tnparalegal.org
    TPA The Payments Authority http://thepaymentsauthority.org
    TOTA Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association http://www.tnota.org
    TPPA Tennessee Pork Producers Association http://www.nppc.org/about-us/state-associations
    TEDC Texas Economic Development Council http://texasedc.org
    TBIC Tennessee Beef Industry Council http://www.beefup.org
    TACA Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association http://taca.net
    TAADAS Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug and Other Addiction Services http://www.taadas.org
    TICUA Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association http://www.ticua.org
    TRPA Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association http://trpa.net
    THIMA Tennessee Health Information Management Association http://www.thima.org
    TTDA Tennessee Tire Dealers Association http://www.tktdra.org
    TCNA Texas Community Newspaper Association http://www.tcnatoday.com
    TWQA Texas Water Quality Association http://www.twqa.org
    TTDA Texas Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association http://www.texastiredealers.org
    TAMF Texas Association of Metal Finishers http://www.nasf.org/nasf-chapters.php#texas
    TAFTS Texas Association of Financial and Tax Specialists http://www.tafts.org
    TIAA Texas Independent Automotive Association http://www.tiaa.net
    THA Texas Housing Association http://txtha.com
    TBA Texas Bandmasters Association http://texasbandmasters.org
    TFGA Texas Fruit Growers Association http://www.texasfruitgrowers.org
    TTA Texas Transit Association http://texastransit.org
    TODA Texas Orchestra Directors Association http://www.todaweb.org
    TTARA Texas Taxpayers and Research Association http://ttara.org
    TARC Tennessee Association of Roofing Contractors http://www.tarcroof.org
    TSA Tennessee Soybean Association http://www.tnsoybeans.org
    TLP Tennessee Livestock Producers http://www.tennesseelivestockproducers.com
    TAO Technology Association of Oregon http://www.techoregon.org
    TWGGA Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association http://www.txwines.org


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