July 03, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
TFDA Texas Funeral Directors Association http://www.tfda.com
TGWA Texas Game Warden Association http://www.texasgamewarden.com
TGA Texas Gas Association http://www.texasgas.com
TGS Texas Geriatrics Society http://www.texasgeriatrics.org
TGA Texas Glass Association http://texasglass.org
TGR/TA Texas Good Roads/Transportation Association http://www.tgrta.com
TGFA Texas Grain and Feed Association http://www.tgfa.com
TGCA Texas Grocery and Convenience Association http://www.txgca.org
TGWA Texas Ground Water Association http://www.tgwa.org
THCA Texas Health Care Association http://www.txhca.org
THT Texas Healthcare Trustees http://www.tht.org
THAA Texas Hearing Aid Association http://www.texashearingaids.org
THA Texas Hereford Association http://www.texashereford.org
THSCA Texas High School Coaches Association http://thsca.pointstreaksites.com
THA Texas Hospital Association http://www.tha.org
THA Texas Hospital Association http://www.tha.org
THLA Texas Hotel and Lodging Association http://www.texaslodging.com
THA Texas Housing Association http://txtha.com
TIADA Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.txiada.com
TIAA Texas Independent Automotive Association http://www.tiaa.net
TIIAA Texas Independent Insurance Adjusters Association http://tiiaa.net
TIPRO Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association http://www.tipro.org
TIVA Texas Industrial Vocational Association http://tiva.org
TIBD Texas Institute of Building Design http://www.tibd.org
TIP Texas Insurance Professionals http://www.piatx.org
TJA Texas Jewelers Association http://texasjewelers.org
TLTA Texas Land Title Association http://www.tlta.com
TLPCA Texas Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association http://www.tlpca.org
TLA Texas Library Association http://www.txla.org
TLCCA Texas Licensed Child Care Association http://www.tlcca.org
TGA Texas Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association (Texas Guaranty Association) http://www.txlifega.org
TLBAA Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America http://tlbaa.org
TMHA Texas Manufactured Housing Association http://www.texasmha.com
TMEA Texas Marine Education Association http://statweb.org/TMEA/index.html
TMA Texas Medical Association http://www.texmed.org
TMGMA Texas Medical Group Management Association http://www.txmgma.com
TMSA Texas Middle School Association http://www.tmsanet.org
TMRA Texas Mining and Reclamation Association http://www.tmra.com
TMBA Texas Mortgage Bankers Association http://www.texasmba.org
TMTA Texas Motor Transportation Association http://www.tmta.com
TMDA Texas Motorcycle Dealers Association http://txmda.org
TMCA Texas Municipal Clerks Association http://municlerks.unt.edu
TML Texas Municipal League http://www.tml.org
TMPRTA Texas Municipal Parks, Recreation and Tourism Association http://www.tml.org/affil_officers.asp
TMPA Texas Municipal Police Association http://www.tmpa.org
TMEA Texas Music Educators Association http://www.tmea.org
TNOA Texas Narcotic Officers' Association http://tnoa.org
TNPA Texas Notary Public Association http://www.tnpa.net
TNP Texas Nurse Practitioners http://www.texasnp.org
TNLA Texas Nursery and Landscape Association http://www.tnlaonline.org
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