October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort ascending Website
    TSA Texas Society of Anesthesiologists http://tsa.org
    TSAF Texas Society of American Foresters http://safnet.org/statesocieties/index.cfm?chapterIndex=2
    TSRC Texas Society for Respiratory Care http://www.tsrc.org
    TSMSS Texas Society for Medical Services Specialists http://www.tsmss.org
    TSHHRAE Texas Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration and Education http://www.tshhrae.org
    TSA Texas Sign Association http://www.txsigns.org
    TSA Texas Shrimp Association http://texasshrimpassociation.org
    TSGRA Texas Sheep & Goat Raiser's Association http://tsgra.com
    TSIA Texas Self-Insurance Association http://txsia.org
    TSSA Texas Self Storage Association http://www.txssa.org
    TSTA Texas Seed Trade Association http://www.texasseedtrade.com
    TSPRA Texas School Public Relations Association http://www.tspra.org
    TSNO Texas School Nurses Organization http://txsno.org
    TRWA Texas Rural Water Association http://www.trwa.org
    TRWA Texas Rural Water Association http://trwa.org
    TRHA Texas Rural Health Association http://www.trha.org
    TRA Texas Retailers Association http://www.txretailers.org
    TRA Texas Restaurant Association http://www.restaurantville.com
    TRA Texas Rental Association http://www.texasrental.org
    TRVA Texas Recreational Vehicle Association http://www.trva.org
    TRAPS Texas Recreation and Park Society http://www.traps.org
    TRA Texas Railroad Association http://www.aslrra.org/about_aslrra/Related_Links/State_Railroad_Associations
    TRS Texas Radiological Society http://www.txrad.org
    TQHA Texas Quarter Horse Association http://www.tqha.com
    TPA Texas Pyrotechnic Association http://texaspyro.com
    TPWA Texas Public Works Association http://www.tpwa.org
    TPPA Texas Public Power Association http://www.tppa.com
    TPHA Texas Public Health Association http://www.texaspha.org
    TPEA Texas Public Employees Association http://www.tpea.org
    TPA Texas Psychological Association http://www.texaspsyc.org
    TPGA Texas Propane Gas Association http://www.txpropane.com
    TPPA Texas Professional Photographers Association http://www.tppa.org
    Texas PIA Texas Professional Insurance Agents http://www.piatx.org
    TPA Texas Produce Association http://www.texasproduceassociation.com
    TPA Texas Press Association http://texaspress.com
    TPF Texas Poultry Federation and Affiliates http://texaspoultry.org
    TPPA Texas Pork Producers Association http://www.texaspork.org
    TPCA Texas Police Chiefs Association http://texaspolicechiefs.org
    TPA Texas Police Association http://www.texaspoliceassociation.com
    TPMA Texas Podiatric Medical Association http://www.txpma.org
    TPA Texas Pipeline Association http://www.texaspipelines.com
    TPTA Texas Physical Therapy Association http://www.tpta.org
    TPA Texas Pharmacy Association http://www.texaspharmacy.org
    TPCA Texas Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association http://www.tpca.org
    TPMA Texas Pest Management Association http://www.tpma.org
    TPCA Texas Pest Control Association http://www.texaspest.org
    TPS Texas Pediatric Society http://txpeds.org
    TPGA Texas Pecan Growers Association http://www.tpga.org
    TPSA Texas Package Store Association http://www.texaspackage.com
    TOWA Texas Outdoor Writers Association http://www.towa.org


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