April 25, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
THT Texas Healthcare Trustees http://www.tht.org
THCA Texas Health Care Association http://www.txhca.org
TGWA Texas Ground Water Association http://www.tgwa.org
TGCA Texas Grocery and Convenience Association http://www.txgca.org
TGFA Texas Grain and Feed Association http://www.tgfa.com
TGR/TA Texas Good Roads/Transportation Association http://www.tgrta.com
TGA Texas Glass Association http://texasglass.org
TGS Texas Geriatrics Society http://www.texasgeriatrics.org
TGA Texas Gas Association http://www.texasgas.com
TGWA Texas Game Warden Association http://www.texasgamewarden.com
TFDA Texas Funeral Directors Association http://www.tfda.com
TFGA Texas Fruit Growers Association http://www.texasfruitgrowers.org
TFA Texas Forestry Association http://texasforestry.org
TFLA Texas Foreign Language Association http://tfla.info
TFPA Texas Food Processors Association http://www.tfpa.org
TFFA Texas Food and Fuel Association http://www.txfoodandfuel.org
TXFMA Texas Fire Marshals Association http://www.txfma.org
TFCA Texas Fire Chiefs Association http://www.texasfirechiefs.org
TFDS Texas Federation of Drug Stores http://www.txretailers.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarti
TFU Texas Farmers Union http://texasfarmersunion.org
TFB Texas Farm Bureau http://www.texasfarmbureau.org
TFA Texas Faculty Association http://www.tfaonline.net
TEHA Texas Environmental Health Association http://www.myteha.org
TEPSA Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association http://www.tepsa.org
TEA Texas Electronics Association http://www.texaselectronics.org
TEC Texas Electric Cooperatives http://www.texas-ec.org
TESA Texas Educational Support Staff Association http://www.tesatexas.org
TEDC Texas Economic Development Council http://texasedc.org
TDTSEA Texas Driver Traffic Safety Education Association http://tdtsea.com
TDTSEA Texas Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association http://www.tdtsea.com
TDCAA Texas District and County Attorneys Association http://www.tdcaa.com
TDA Texas Dietetic Association http://www.nutrition4texas.org
TDS Texas Dermatological Society http://www.texasdermatology.org
TDA Texas Dental Association http://www.tda.org
TDAA Texas Dental Assistants Association http://www.tdaa.org
TDNA Texas Daily Newspaper Association http://www.tdna.org
TCDLA Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association http://www.tcdla.com
TCUL Texas Credit Union League http://www.tcul.coop
TCRA Texas Court Reporters Association http://www.tcra-online.com
TCA Texas Counseling Association http://txca.org
TCFV Texas Council on Family Violence http://www.tcfv.org
TCTELA Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts http://www.tctela.org
TCASE Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education http://www.tcase.org
TCSS Texas Council for the Social Studies http://txcss.org
TCGCA Texas Cotton Growers Cooperative Association http://www.pcca.com
TCGA Texas Cotton Ginners' Association http://www.tcga.org
TCA Texas Cotton Association http://www.tca-cotton.org
TCA Texas Corrections Association http://txcorrections.org
TCPB Texas Corn Producers Board http://www.texascorn.org
TCA Texas Construction Association, Inc. http://texcon.org
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