October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    TPA Tennessee Pharmacists Association http://www.tnpharm.org
    TPTA Tennessee Physical Therapy Association http://www.tptatn.org
    TPMA Tennessee Podiatric Association http://www.tnpodiatry.org
    TPMA Tennessee Podiatric Medical Association http://tnpma.org
    TPPA Tennessee Pork Producers Association http://www.nppc.org/about-us/state-associations
    TPA Tennessee Press Association http://tnpress.com
    TnPRIMA Tennessee PRIMA http://www.tnprima.org/
    TPCA Tennessee Primary Care Association http://www.tnpca.org
    TPFFA Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association http://tpffa.org
    TPA Tennessee Psychiatric Association http://tpaonline.org
    TPA Tennessee Psychological Association http://www.tpaonline.org
    TPHA Tennessee Public Health Association http://www.tnpublichealth.org
    TRS Tennessee Radiological Society http://tennesseeradiology.net
    TRPA Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association http://trpa.net
    TRA Tennessee Restaurant Association http://www.thetra.com
    TRA Tennessee Retail Association http://tnretail.com
    TRBA Tennessee Road Builders Association http://www.trba.org
    TSBA Tennessee School Boards Association http://www.tsba.net
    TSNA Tennessee School Nutrition Association http://www.tnsna.com
    TSSAA Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association http://www.tssaa.org
    TSA Tennessee Sheriffs' Association http://www.tnsheriffs.com
    TSHHRA Tennessee Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration http://www.tshhra.org
    TNSAE Tennessee Society of Association Executives http://www.tnsae.org
    TSCPA Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.tscpa.com
    TNSEA Tennessee Society of Enrolled Agents http://www.tnsea.com
    TSPE Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers http://www.tnspe.org
    TSA Tennessee Soybean Association http://www.tnsoybeans.org
    TSEA Tennessee State Employees Association http://www.tseaonline.org
    TTA Tennessee Telecommunications Association http://www.tenntel.org
    TTDA Tennessee Tire Dealers Association http://www.tktdra.org
    TTA Tennessee Trucking Association http://tntrucking.org
    TVPPA Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, Inc. http://www.tvppa.com
    TVPPA Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, Inc. http://tvppa.com
    TVMA Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association http://www.tvmanet.org
    TNSWANA Tennessee Volunteer Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America http://swanachapters.org/tennessee
    TWHBEA Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder and Exhibitors Association http://www.twhbea.com
    TWWA Tennessee Water Well Association http://tnwaterwellassociation.org
    TWSRA Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association http://www.twsra.com
    TIA Tennis Industry Association http://tennisindustry.org
    TS Teratology Society http://teratology.org
    TRRA Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis Missouri http://terminalrailroad.com
    TTMAC Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Assn. of Canada http://ttmac.com
    TESOL TESOL International Association http://tesol.org
    TAFP Texas Academy of Family Physicians http://www.tafp.org
    TAGD Texas Academy of General Dentistry http://www.tagd.org
    TXAP Texas Academy of Internal Medicine http://www.txacp.org
    TAND Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics http://nutrition4texas.org
    TAPA Texas Academy of Physician Assistants http://www.tapa.org
    TAAHP Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers http://taahp.org
    TXAFL-CIO Texas AFL-CIO http://texasaflcio.org


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