October 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
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    USFA United States Fencing Association http://usfencing.org
    USCHPA United States Clean Heat & Power Association http://uschpa.org
    USTFCCCA United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association http://www.ustfccca.org/
    USAR United States Racquetball Association http://USARacquetball.com
    USBSF United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Bobsled-Skeleton-Federa
    USFHA United States Field Hockey Association http://www2.teamusa.org/USA-Field-Hockey.aspx
    USMPA United States Modern Pentathlon Association http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Modern-Pentathlon.aspx
    USAW United States Weightlifting Federation http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Weightlifting.aspx
    USPF United States Powerlifting Federation http://uspf.com
    USCA United States Croquet Association http://www.croquetamerica.com
    USCA United States Curling Association http://www.curlingrocks.net
    UDC United Daughters of the Confederacy http://www.hqudc.org
    USLA United States Lighthouse Society http://www.uslhs.org
    USPA United States Polo Association http://www.us-polo.org
    USPS United States Power Squadrons http://usps.org
    USTA United States Twirling Association http://www.ustwirling.com
    USPC United States Pony Clubs http://www.ponyclub.org
    USCA United Sidecar Association http://www.sidecar.com
    UFDC The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. http://ufdc.org
    UFWDA United Four-Wheel Drive Associations http://www.ufwda.org
    USABA United States Association of Blind Athletes http://www.usaba.org
    USLA United States Luge Association http://usaluge.org
    USAT Triathlon Federation/USA http://www.usatriathlon.org
    USTTA United States Table Tennis Association http://teamusa.org/USA-Table-Tennis/USATT
    USDF United States Dressage Federation http://www.usdf.org
    USHA United States Handball Association http://www.ushandball.org
    UTAPA American Planning Association - Utah Chapter http://www.utah-apa.org
    UPSS United Postal Stationery Society http://upss.org/
    UA United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the U. http://ua.org
    UFPA United Fresh Produce Association http://unitedfresh.org
    USTA United States Telecom Association http://ustelecom.org
    USWA United Steelworkers of America http://usw.org
    UMWA United Mine Workers of America http://umwa.org
    USGA United States Golf Association http://usga.org
    UBA Utah Bankers Association http://uba.org
    USMC United States Maglev Coalition (USMC) http://usmaglevcoalition.com
    USET United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. http://usetinc.org
    UFA United Fishermen of Alaska http://www.ufa-fish.org
    UBC United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America http://carpenters.org
    UAW United Auto Workers (UAW) http://uaw.org
    UFCW United Food and Commercial Workers International Union http://ufcw.org
    USOGA U.S. Oil and Gas Association http://usoga.org
    UURWAW United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers http://unionroofers.com
    USGBC United States Green Building Council http://usgbc.org
    USCA United States Canola Association http://uscanola.com
    USARF USA Rice Federation http://usarice.com
    USB United Soybean Board http://unitedsoybean.org
    UTU United Transportation Union http://utu.org
    UFSC Urban Financial Services Coalition http://ufscnet.org


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