October 25, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
UCP United Cerebral Palsy http://ucp.org
UCP United Cerebral Palsy of Pennsylvania http://www.ucp.org/ucp_local.cfm/130
UCON United Contractors http://www.euca.com
UDIM United Dairy Industry of Michigan http://www.udim.org
UDA United Dairymen of Arizona http://www.uda.coop
UDI United Dairymen of Idaho http://udidaho.org
UDC United Daughters of the Confederacy http://www.hqudc.org
UDC United Developers Council http://www.developmentedu.com
UDC United Development Council http://developmentedu.com
UEP United Egg Producers http://unitedegg.org
UE United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America http://ueunion.org
UE-NE United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) - Northeast Region http://www.uenortheast.org
UEF United Engineering Foundation http://uefoundation.org
UFF United Faculty of Florida http://www.unitedfacultyofflorida.org
UFW United Farm Workers of America http://www.ufw.org
UFSPSO United Federation of Police & Security Officers http://securityfederation.com
UFT United Federation of Teachers http://uft.org
UFA United Fishermen of Alaska http://www.ufa-fish.org
UFCW-400 United Food and Commercial Workers - Local 400 http://www.ufcw400.org
UFCW United Food and Commercial Workers International Union http://www.ufcw.org
UFCW United Food and Commercial Workers International Union http://ufcw.org
UFWDA United Four-Wheel Drive Associations http://www.ufwda.org
UFPA United Fresh Produce Association http://www.unitedfresh.org
UFPA United Fresh Produce Association http://unitedfresh.org
UGBA United Gamefowl Breeders Association, Inc. http://ugba.net
UIA United Inventors Association of the U.S.A. http://uiausa.org
ULPA United Lightning Protection Association http://ulpa.org
UMA United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries http://umassociation.org
UMWA United Mine Workers of America http://www.umwa.org
UMWA United Mine Workers of America http://umwa.org
UMA United Motorcoach Association http://www.uma.org
UNSU United Nations Staff Union http://u-seek.org
UNPA United Natural Products Alliance http://unpa.com
UNAC/UHCP United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals http://www.unacuhcp.org
UOA United Ostomy Association http://www.ostomy.org
UOA United Ostomy Associations of America http://ostomy.org
UPGA United Potato Growers of America http://unitedpotatousa.com
UPFDA United Producers Formulators and Distributors Association http://upfda.com
UPI United Producers, Inc. http://uproducers.com
UPHA United Professional Horsemen's Association http://uphaonline.com
USAK United School Administrators of Kansas http://www.usakansas.org
USRA United Shoe Retailers Association http://usraonline.org
USCA United Sidecar Association http://www.sidecar.com
USET United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. http://www.usetinc.org
USET United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. http://www.usetinc.org
USB United Soybean Board http://www.unitedsoybean.org
USB United Soybean Board http://unitedsoybean.org
USACA United States Advanced Ceramics Association http://advancedceramics.org
USAF MSC United States Air Force Medical Service Corps Association http://mscassociation.org
USCAP United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology http://uscap.org
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