October 23, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    UCDA University and College Designers Association http://ucda.com
    UCDU Used Car Dealers of Utah http://www.utahdealers.com
    UCDU IUsed Car Dealers of Utah http://usedcardealersofutah.com
    UCEA University Continuing Education Association http://www.ucea.edu
    UCEA University Council for Educational Administration http://ucea.org
    UCI Utility Communicators International http://utilitycommunicators.com
    UCIA Utah Crop Improvement Association http://www.utahcrop.org
    UCON United Contractors http://euca.com
    UCOWR Universities Council on Water Resources http://ucowr.org
    UCP United Cerebral Palsy of Pennsylvania http://www.ucp.org/ucp_local.cfm/130
    UCP United Cerebral Palsy http://ucp.org
    UCPA Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association http://utahchiro.org
    UCS Utah Computer Society http://www.ucs.org/ucs_info.php
    UCU Utah Credit Union Association http://utahscreditunions.org
    UDA Utah Dental Association http://www.uda.org
    UDA United Dairymen of Arizona http://www.uda.coop
    UDC United Developers Council http://www.developmentedu.com
    UDC United Development Council http://developmentedu.com
    UDC The Dairy Council of Utah http://www.utahdairycouncil.com
    UDC United Daughters of the Confederacy http://www.hqudc.org
    UDCFA University of the District of Columbia Faculty Association/NEA http://www.nea.org/home/57292.htm
    UDI United Dairymen of Idaho http://udidaho.org
    UDIM United Dairy Industry of Michigan http://www.udim.org
    UDTSEA Utah Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association http://www.adtsea.org/adtsea/100033.aspx
    UE United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America http://ueunion.org
    UE-NE United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) - Northeast Region http://www.uenortheast.org
    UEA Utah Education Association http://www.myuea.org
    UEF United Engineering Foundation http://uefoundation.org
    UELMA Utah Educational Library Media Association http://www.uelma.org/
    UEMC Underground Equipment Manufacturers Council http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=86
    UEP United Egg Producers http://unitedegg.org
    UFA Unfinished Furniture Association http://unfinishedfurniture.org
    UFA United Fishermen of Alaska http://www.ufa-fish.org
    UFBF Utah Farm Bureau Federation http://utahfarmbureau.org
    UFCW United Food and Commercial Workers International Union http://ufcw.org
    UFCW United Food and Commercial Workers International Union http://ufcw.org
    UFCW-400 United Food and Commercial Workers - Local 400 http://ufcw400.org
    UFDA Utah Funeral Directors Association http://www.ufda.org
    UFDC The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. http://ufdc.org
    UFF United Faculty of Florida http://unitedfacultyofflorida.org
    UFFCS IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Society http://ieee-uffc.org
    UFIA Utah Food Industry Association http://utfood.com
    UFPA United Fresh Produce Association http://unitedfresh.org
    UFPA United Fresh Produce Association http://unitedfresh.org
    UFSC Urban Financial Services Coalition http://ufscnet.org
    UFSPSO United Federation of Police & Security Officers http://securityfederation.com
    UFT United Federation of Teachers http://uft.org
    UFU Utah Farmers Union http://www.utahfarmersunion.com
    UFVA University Film and Video Association http://ufva.org
    UFW United Farm Workers of America http://ufw.org


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