October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    VAAUS Venezuelan American Association of the U.S. http://venezuelanamerican.org
    VASTA Voice and Speech Trainers Association http://vasta.org
    VBA Virginia Bar Association http://www.vba.org
    VSB Virginia State Bar http://www.vsb.org
    VFPA Virginia Forest Products Association http://www.vfpa.net
    VADA Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association http://www.vermontada.org
    VHCA Vermont Health Care Association http://www.vhca.net
    VRA Vermont Retail Association http://www.vtretailers.com
    VLCT Vermont League of Cities and Towns http://www.vlct.org
    VCC Vermont Chamber of Commerce http://www.vtchamber.com
    VAC Virginia Agribusiness Council http://www.va-agribusiness.org
    VSDS Vermont State Dental Society http://www.vsds.org
    VANHA Virginia Association of Nonprofit Homes for the Aging http://www.vanha.org
    VAR Virginia Association of REALTORS http://www.varealtor.com
    VASSP Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals http://www.vassp.org
    VARP Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals http://www.varoofingprofessionals.org
    VADA Virginia Automobile Dealers Association http://www.vada.com
    VCC Virginia Chamber of Commerce http://www.vachamber.com
    VBA Virginia Bankers Association http://www.vabankers.org
    VFSA Virginia Financial Services Association http://www.wysk.com/index/virginia/richmond/h4p943
    VGPA Virginia Grain Producers Association http://www.virginiagrains.com
    VFA Virginia Forestry Association http://www.vaforestry.org
    VEA Virginia Education Association http://www.veanea.org
    VHCA Virginia Health Care Association http://www.vhca.org
    VML Virginia Municipal League http://vml.org
    VHTA Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association http://www.vhta.org
    VPTA Virginia Physical Therapy Association http://www.vpta.org
    VA-AAP American Academy of Pediatrics-Virginia Chapter http://virginiapediatrics.org
    VTCA Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance http://vtca.org
    VSAIA Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects http://aiava.org
    VSA Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists http://www.vsahq.org
    VSCPA Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants http://vscpa.com
    VSAE Virginia Society of Association Executives http://www.vsae.org
    VBA Virginia Beverage Association http://www.vabeverage.org
    VTLA Virginia Trial Lawyers Association http://www.vtla.com
    VAA Virginia Automotive Association http://www.vaauto.org
    VTC Virginia Turfgrass Council http://www.vaturf.org
    VBR Vermont Business Roundtable http://www.vtroundtable.org
    VAB Virginia Association of Broadcasters http://vabonline.com
    VBWA Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association http://www.vbwa.org
    VBPA Virginia Broiler, Breeder, and Pullet Association http://virginiapoultrybreeders.weebly.com/
    VCTA Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association http://www.vcta.com
    VCA Virginia Cattlemen's Association http://www.vacattlemen.org
    VACCE Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives http://www.vachamber.com
    VCA Virginia Chiropractic Association http://www.virginiachiropractic.org
    VLGMA Virginia Local Government Management Association http://icma.org/en/va/home
    VCA Virginia Coal Association http://www.vlgma.org
    VACo Virginia Association of Counties http://www.vaco.org
    VCIA Virginia Crop Improvement Association http://www.virginiacrop.org
    VSDA Virginia State Dairymen's Association http://www.vsdaonline.com


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