April 21, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
VGA Vermont Grocers Association http://www.vtgrocers.org
VHCA Vermont Health Care Association http://www.vhca.net
VHEC Vermont Higher Education Council http://www.vtcolleges.org
VIECA Vermont Independent Electrical Contractors Association http://www.vieca.org
VIPPA Vermont Independent Power Producers Association http://www.revermont.org
VISA Vermont Independent Schools Association http://www.vtindependentschools.org
VIAA Vermont Insurance Agents Association http://www.viaa.org
VLCT Vermont League of Cities and Towns http://www.vlct.org
VMS Vermont Medical Society http://www.vtmd.org
VMBA Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association http://vermontmba.org
VMCTA Vermont Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Association http://vmcta.org
Vermont-NEA Vermont National Education Association http://www.vtnea.org
VNPA Vermont Nurse Practitioners Association http://vtnpa.enpnetwork.com
VOTA Vermont Occupational Therapy Association http://www.vermontot.org
VPA Vermont Pharmacists Association http://www.vtpharmacists.com
VPA Vermont Police Association http://www.vtpoliceassociation.org
VPA Vermont Principals Association http://www.vpaonline.org
VPA Vermont Psychiatric Association http://www.vtmd.org/vpa
VPA Vermont Psychological Association http://www.vermontpsych.org
VRA Vermont Retail Association http://www.vtretailers.com
VRWA Vermont Rural Water Association http://vtruralwater.org
VSBA Vermont School Boards Association http://www.vtvsba.org
VSTA Vermont School Transportation Association http://www.vsta.info
VSGA Vermont Sheep and Goat Association http://vtsheepandgoat.org
VSGA Vermont Sheep and Goat Association http://vtsheepandgoat.org
VSAE Vermont Society of Association Executives http://vermontsae.org
VTCPA Vermont Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.vtcpa.org
VSLS Vermont Society of Land Surveyors http://www.vsls.org
VSPE Vermont Society of Professional Engineers http://vtpe.org
VSAOPS Vermont State Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons http://vtosteopathic.org
VSDS Vermont State Dental Society http://www.vsds.org
VSEA Vermont State Employees Association http://vsea.org
VSG Vermont State Grange http://vtstategrange.org
VSNA Vermont State Nurses Association http://vsna-inc.org
VSA Vermont Superintendent's Association http://vtvsa.org
VTA Vermont Technology Alliance http://www.vermonttechnologyalliance.org
VTLA Vermont Trial Lawyers Association http://www.vtla.org
VTBA Vermont Truck and Bus Association http://www.vtba.org
VVMA Vermont Veterinary Medical Association http://www.vtvets.org
VWBA Vermont Wholesale Beverage Association http://vermontsae.org/members/vwba.html
VWA Vermont Woodlands Association http://vermontwoodlands.org
VT/NH MG Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group http://vtnhmg.org
VMCCA Veteran Motor Car Club of America http://www.vmcca.org
VBMA Veterinary Botanical Medical Association http://vbma.org
VBMA Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association http://vbma.org
VCS Veterinary Cancer Society http://vetcancersociety.org
VHMA Veterinary Hospital Managers Association http://vhma.org
VOS Veterinary Orthopedic Society http://vosdvm.org
VI Vibration Institute http://vi-institute.org
VISCMA Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Manufacturers Association http://viscma.com
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