October 31, 2014

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Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
VBCIA Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association http://bcia.apsc.vt.edu
VBWA Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association http://www.vbwa.org
VBA Virginia Beverage Association http://www.vabeverage.org
VaBIO Virginia Biotechnology Association http://www.vabio.org
VBPA Virginia Broiler, Breeder, and Pullet Association http://virginiapoultrybreeders.weebly.com/
VCTA Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association http://www.vcta.com
VCA Virginia Campground Association http://www.virginiacampgrounds.org
VCA Virginia Cattlemen's Association http://www.vacattlemen.org
VCA Virginia Cemetery Association http://www.virginiacemeteryassociation.org
VCC Virginia Chamber of Commerce http://www.vachamber.com
VCA Virginia Chiropractic Association http://www.virginiachiropractic.org
VCTGA Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association http://virginiachristmastrees.org
VCA Virginia Coal Association http://www.vlgma.org
VACEP Virginia College of Emergency Physicians http://www.vacep.org
VACAP Virginia Community Action Partnership http://www.vacap.org
VCCA Virginia Community Colleges Association http://www.vccaedu.org
VCC Virginia Cooperative Council http://vcfc.net
VCC Virginia Council of Churches http://vacouncilofchurches.org
VCFC Virginia Council of Farmer Cooperatives http://www.vcfc.net
VCNP Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners http://www.vcnp.net
VCEE Virginia Council on Economic Education http://www.vcee.org
VCRA Virginia Court Reporters Association http://www.vcra.net
VCUL Virginia Credit Union League http://www.vacul.org
VCIA Virginia Crop Improvement Association http://virginiacrop.org
VACPA Virginia Crop Production Association http://www.vacropproduction.com
VDA Virginia Dental Association http://www.vadental.org
VADETS Virginia Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association http://www.adtsea.org/adtsea/ADTSEA%20State%20Affiliates.
VEDA Virginia Economic Developers Association http://www.goveda.org
VEA Virginia Education Association http://www.veanea.org
VEC Virginia Egg Council http://www.virginiaeggcouncil.org
VFBF Virginia Farm Bureau Federation http://vafarmbureau.org
VFSA Virginia Financial Services Association http://www.wysk.com/index/virginia/richmond/h4p943
VFCA Virginia Fire Chiefs Association http://vfca.us
VFPA Virginia Forest Products Association http://www.vfpa.net
VFA Virginia Forestry Association http://www.vaforestry.org
VFIC Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges http://www.vfic.org
VFDA Virginia Funeral Directors Association http://www.vfda.net
VGEA Virginia Governmental Employees Association http://www.vgea.org
VGPA Virginia Grain Producers Association http://www.virginiagrains.com
VHCA Virginia Health Care Association http://www.vhca.org
VHA Virginia Holstein Association http://www.vaholstein.org
VHC Virginia Horse Council http://www.virginiahorsecouncil.org
VHBPA Virginia Horsemen's Benevolent & Protective Association http://www.vhbpa.org
VHHA Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association http://www.vhha.com
VHTA Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association http://www.vhta.org
VIADA Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://viada.org
VLWA Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association http://www.vlwa.org
VLTA Virginia Land Title Association http://www.vlta.org
VLA Virginia Library Association http://www.vla.org
VLGMA Virginia Local Government Management Association http://icma.org/en/va/home
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