July 03, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
VAANP Virginia Association of Naturopathic Physicians http://www.vaanp.org
VAM Virginia Association of Museums http://vamuseums.org
VAMB Virginia Association of Mortgage Brokers http://vamb.org
VAMP Virginia Association of Meat Processors http://www.aamp.com/links_state.php
VAIS Virginia Association of Independent Schools http://www.vais.org
VAGP Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. http://www.vagp.org
VAESP Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals http://vaesp.org
VADMEC Virginia Association of Durable Medical Equipment Companies http://vadmec.org
VADA Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys http://www.vada.org
VACo Virginia Association of Counties http://www.vaco.org
VACSB Virginia Association of Community Services Boards http://www.vacsb.org
vaACCSES Virginia Association of Community Rehabilitation Programs http://www.vaaccses.org
VACB Virginia Association of Community Banks http://vacb.org
VACP Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police http://vachiefs.org
VACCE Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives http://www.vachamber.com
VAB Virginia Association of Broadcasters http://vabonline.com
VABT Virginia Association of Biology Teachers http://www.nabt.org/websites/institution/index.php?p=140
VAHC Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice http://www.vahc.org
VADETS Virginia Association for Driver Education and Traffic Safety http://vadets.org
VAA Virginia Asphalt Association http://www.vaasphalt.org
VASBO Virginia ASBO http://vasbo.org
VAGA Virginia Apple Growers Association http://www.virginiaapples.org
VAMA Virginia Apartment and Management Association http://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/StartPage.aspx?S
VAA Virginia Angus Association http://vaangus.org
VASA Virginia Ambulatory Surgery Association http://va-asa.org
VAC Virginia Agribusiness Council http://www.va-agribusiness.org
VAFP Virginia Academy of Family Physicians http://vafp.org
VACP Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists http://www.vapsych.org
VSA Violin Society of America http://vsa.to
VdGSA Viola da Gamba Society of America http://vdgsa.org
VSI Vinyl Siding Institute, Inc. http://vinylsiding.org
VI Vinyl Institute http://vinylinfo.org
VAC Vinyl Acetate Council http://vinylacetate.org
VTR Vintage Triumph Register http://www.vtr.org
VESA Video Electronics Standards Association http://vesa.org
VSA Victorian Society in America http://victoriansociety.org
VISCMA Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Manufacturers Association http://viscma.com
VI Vibration Institute http://vi-institute.org
VOS Veterinary Orthopedic Society http://vosdvm.org
VHMA Veterinary Hospital Managers Association http://vhma.org
VCS Veterinary Cancer Society http://vetcancersociety.org
VBMA Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association http://vbma.org
VBMA Veterinary Botanical Medical Association http://vbma.org
VMCCA Veteran Motor Car Club of America http://www.vmcca.org
VT/NH MG Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group http://vtnhmg.org
VWA Vermont Woodlands Association http://vermontwoodlands.org
VWBA Vermont Wholesale Beverage Association http://vermontsae.org/members/vwba.html
VVMA Vermont Veterinary Medical Association http://www.vtvets.org
VTBA Vermont Truck and Bus Association http://www.vtba.org
VTLA Vermont Trial Lawyers Association http://www.vtla.org
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