February 25, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    VSI Vinyl Siding Institute, Inc. http://vinylsiding.org
    VSLS Vermont Society of Land Surveyors http://www.vsls.org
    VSNA Vermont State Nurses Association http://vsna-inc.org
    VSPA Virginia State Police Association http://vspa.org
    VSPE Virginia Society of Professional Engineers http://www.vspe.org
    VSPE Vermont Society of Professional Engineers http://vtpe.org
    VSTA Vermont School Transportation Association http://www.vsta.info
    VT/NH MG Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group http://vtnhmg.org
    VTA Virginia Thoroughbred Association http://www.vabred.org
    VTA Virginia Trucking Association http://vatrucking.org
    VTA Vermont Technology Alliance http://www.vermonttechnologyalliance.org
    VTACDL Vermont Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers http://www.vtacdl.com
    VTAFP American Academy of Family Physicians - Vermont Chapter http://vtafp.net
    VTAJ Vermont Association for Justice http://vermontjustice.org
    VTBA Vermont Truck and Bus Association http://www.vtba.org
    VTC Virginia Turfgrass Council http://www.vaturf.org
    VTCA Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance http://vtca.org
    VTCPA Vermont Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.vtcpa.org
    VTGCSA Vermont Golf Course Superintendents Association http://www.vtgcsa.com
    VTIA Virginia Telecommunication Industry Association http://www.vtia.org
    VTLA Vermont Trial Lawyers Association http://www.vtla.org
    VTLA Virginia Trial Lawyers Association http://www.vtla.com
    VTR Vintage Triumph Register http://www.vtr.org
    VTS Vehicular Technology Society http://vtsociety.org
    VUHCC Virginia Utility Heavy Contractors Council http://www.vuhcc.org
    VUHCC Virginia Utility and Heavy Contractors Council http://vuhcc.org
    VVMA Virginia Veterinary Medical Association http://vvma.org
    VVMA Vermont Veterinary Medical Association http://www.vtvets.org
    VWA Vermont Woodlands Association http://vermontwoodlands.org
    VWA Virginia Wineries Association http://vawine.org
    VWBA Vermont Wholesale Beverage Association http://vermontsae.org/members/vwba.html
    VWDA Virginia Wholesalers and Distributors Association http://www.awmanet.org/page/state-and-regional-associations
    VWDA Virginia Wholesalers & Distributors Association http://awmanet.org/page/state-and-regional-associations
    VWMA Virginia Weights and Measures Association http://www.bitgravity.com/info/cdnresources/21/195
    VWWA Virginia Water Well Association http://www.vawaterwellassociation.org
    VWWA Virginia Wine Wholesalers Association http://www.vwwa.org


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