July 01, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
WAFCA Wisconsin Association of Family and Children's Agencies http://www.wafca.org
WAFD Pacific-West Fastener Association http://www.pac-west.org
WAFD Western Association of Fastener Distributors http://www.wafd.org
WAFlorA Washington Floricultural Association http://www.waflora.com
WAFP Wisconsin Association for Food Protection http://www.wifoodprotection.org
WAFP Washington Academy of Family Physicians http://www.wafp.net
WAFP Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians http://www.wafp.org
WAFP Wyoming Academy of Family Physicians http://nf.aafp.org/MyAcademy/contactmychapter/DisplayIndi
WAFWA Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies http://www.wafwa.org
WAGA Wisconsin Apple Growers Association http://www.waga.org
WAGD Washington Academy of General Dentistry http://www.washingtonagd.org
WAHI Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors http://wahigroup.com
WAHP Wisconsin Association of Health Plans http://www.wihealthplans.org
WAHP Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Professionals http://wahpinfo.org
WAHSA Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aging http://www.wahsa.org
WAHU Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters http://www.ewahu.org
WAI The Wire Association International, Inc. http://wirenet.org
WAI Women in Aviation International http://wai.org
WAI AFL-CIO Working for America Institute http://workingforamerica.org
WAICU Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities http://www.waicu.org
WAID Western Association of Industrial Distributors http://waidonline.org
WAIMH World Association of Infant Mental Health http://www.waimh.org
WAISP Washington Association of Internet Service Providers http://www.waisp.org
WAJ Wisconsin Association for Justice http://www.wisjustice.org
WALA Wisconsin Assisted Living Association http://www.ewala.org
WALP Washington Association of Landscape Professionals http://www.walp.org
WALPA The Washington State Lake Protection Association http://www.walpa.org
WALPN Wisconsin Association of Licensed Practical Nurses http://www.nflpn.org/stateEvent.php
WAM Western Academy of Management http://www.wamonline.org
WAM Wyoming Association of Municipalities http://www.wyomuni.org
WAMA Washington Airport Management Association http://www.wama.us
WAMA Wisconsin Association of Manufacturers' Agents http://wama.org
WAMB Wisconsin Association of Mortgage Brokers http://www.wambrokers.com
WAMB Washington Association of Mortgage Brokers http://www.wamb.org
WAMES Wisconsin Association of Medical Equipment Services http://www.wames.org
WAMFT Wisconsin Association for Marriage & Family Therapy http://www.relationshiphelp.org
WAMFT Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy http://www.wamft.org
WAML Western Association of Map Libraries http://www.waml.org
WAMO Wisconsin Amusement and Music Operators http://www.wamo.net
WAMO Wisconsin Amusement and Music Operators, Inc. http://www.wamo.net
WAMOA Washington Amusement and Music Operators Association http://www.amoa.com/state-associations/state-assoc
WAMP Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals http://www.mywamp.org
WAMP Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors http://www.wi-amp.com
WANADA Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association http://www.wanada.org
WAND Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics http://www.eatrightwisc.org
WANP Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians http://www.wanp.org
WAO World Allergy Organization http://worldallergy.org
WAO Wisconsin Academy of Ophthalmology http://www.wieyemd.org
WAOPS Wisconsin Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons http://waops.org
WAPA Wisconsin Automotive Parts Association http://www.wapaonline.com
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