October 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    WesPay Western Payments Alliance http://wespay.org
    WEI Western Energy Institute http://www.westernenergy.org
    WRA Washington Restaurant Association http://warestaurant.org
    WMS Wisconsin Medical Society http://www.wisconsinmedicalsociety.org
    WAWG Washington Association of Wheat Growers http://www.wawg.org
    WSAR Washington State Association of REALTORS http://www.warealtor.org
    WAWA Washington Automotive Wholesalers Association http://www.washingtonautomotive.org
    WSCA Washington State Chiropractic Association http://www.chirohealth.org
    WBWDA Washington Beer and Wine Distributors Association http://www.wbwwa.com
    WSIA Washington Self-Insurers Association http://www.wsiassn.org
    WHCA Washington Health Care Association http://www.whca.org
    WSCPA Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants http://wscpa.org
    WSBPA Washington State Bowling Proprietors Association http://www.wsbpa.org
    WSDA Washington State Dental Association http://www.wsda.org
    WSFDA Washington State Funeral Directors Association http://wsfda.org
    WSMA Washington State Medical Association http://www.wsma.org
    WSNA Washington State Nurses Association http://www.wsna.org
    WSVMA Washington State Veterinary Medical Association http://wsvma.org
    WVAR West Virginia Association of REALTORS http://www.wvrealtors.com
    WMDA Washington D.C., Maryland, and Delaware Service Station and Automotive Repair Association http://wmda.net
    WVBA West Virginia Bankers Association http://www.wvbankers.org
    WVDA West Virginia Dental Association http://www.wvdental.org
    WVFDA West Virginia Funeral Directors Association http://www.wvfda.org
    WVHA West Virginia Hospital Association http://www.wvha.org
    WVMHA West Virginia Manufactured Housing Association http://www.wvhi.org
    WVTA West Virginia Trucking Association http://www.wvtrucking.com
    WVAOP West Virginia Association of Optometric Physicians http://www.wvaop.org
    WVPA West Virginia Press Association http://wvpress.org
    WVPAA West Virginia Public Accountants Association http://wvpaa.org
    WVSMA West Virginia State Medical Association http://www.wvsma.com
    WACVB Western Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus http://wacvb.com
    WVWA West Virginia Wholesalers Association http://www.awmanet.org/page/state-and-regional-associatio
    WBMA Western Building Material Association http://www.wbma.org
    WIB Western Independent Bankers http://www.wib.org
    WPGA Western Propane Gas Association http://www.westernpga.org
    WMA Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association http://www.wma.org
    WOA Western Orthopaedic Association http://www.woa-assn.org
    WPMA Western Petroleum Marketers Association http://www.wpma.com
    WSP Western Society of Periodontology http://www.wsperio.org
    WWPA Western Wood Products Association http://www2.wwpa.org
    WAPC Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care http://www.perinatalweb.org
    WBA Wisconsin Bankers Association http://www.wisbank.com
    WASDA Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators http://wasda.org
    WCMA Wisconsin Concrete Masonry Association http://wma-online.org
    WBA Wisconsin Builders Association http://www.wisbuild.org
    WGA Wisconsin Grocers Association, Inc. http://www.wisconsingrocers.com
    WHO Wisconsin Homecare Organization http://www.wishomecare.org
    WMC Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce http://wmc.org
    WOA Wisconsin Optometric Association http://www.woa-eyes.org
    WPC Wisconsin Paper Council http://wipapercouncil.org


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