June 30, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
WIAA Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association http://wiaawi.org
WIAA Western Insurance Agents Association http://wiaagroup.org
WIA Wireless Industry Association http://wirelessindustry.com
WIA Women in Aerospace http://womeninaerospace.org
WIA Women in Agribusiness http://cvent.com/events/women-in-agribusiness-summit-2013
WIA Wisconsin Innkeepers Association http://www.wisconsinlodging.org
WIA Wisconsin Insurance Alliance http://www.wial.com
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Alliance http://wi-fi.org
WI Woodwork Institute http://www.woodworkinstitute.com
WHTA Walking Horse Trainers Association http://walkinghorsetrainers.com
WHTA Tennessee Walking Horse Trainers Association http://www.walkinghorsetrainers.com
WHPA Wyoming Highway Patrol Association http://www.wyomingstatetrooper.org
WHOA Walking Horse Owners Association of America http://walkinghorseowners.com
WHO Wisconsin Homecare Organization http://www.wishomecare.org
WHNPA White House News Photographers Association http://whnpa.org
WHMA Wiring Harness Manufacturers Association http://whma.org
WHIMA Wisconsin Health Information Management Association http://www.whima.org
WHFA Western Home Furnishings Association http://whfa.org
WHCA White House Correspondents Association http://whca.net
WHCA Wyoming Health Care Association http://www.ahcancal.org/about_ahca/ahca_membership/Pages/StateAffiliates.aspx
WHCA Wisconsin Health Care Association http://www.whcawical.org/about-whca/
WHCA Washington Health Care Association http://www.whca.org
WHA Western History Association http://westernhistoryassociation.wildapricot.org
WHA Western Hardwood Association http://www.westernhardwood.org
WHA World History Association http://thewha.org
WHA Wyoming Hospital Association http://www.wyohospitals.com
WHA Wisconsin Holstein Association http://www.wisholsteins.com
WHA Wisconsin Hospital Association http://www.wha.org
WH&LA Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association http://wisconsinlodging.org
WGR Women in Government Relations, Inc. http://wgr.org
WGMA West Gulf Maritime Association http://www.wgma.org
WGIF Wisconsin Green Industry Federation http://www.wgif.net
WGDA Wisconsin Glass Dealers Association http://www.glass.org
WGDA Wisconsin Glass Association http://www.glass.org/about-chapters.html
WGCHA Washington Growers Clearing House Association http://www.waclearinghouse.org
WGAW Writers Guild of America West http://wga.org
WGAE Writers Guild of America East http://wgaeast.org
WGAE Writers Guild of America East http://wgaeast.org
WGA Western Governors' Association - Washington Office http://westgov.org
WGA Wisconsin Grocers Association, Inc. http://www.wisconsingrocers.com
WGA Winegrape Growers of America http://winegrapegrowersofamerica.org
WGA Western Governors' Association http://westgov.org
WGA Western Growers Association - Arizona http://www.wga.com
WGA Washington Glass Association http://wg-a.org
WG Western Growers Association http://www.wga.com
WG Western Growers http://wga.com
WFU Wisconsin Farmers Union http://www.wisconsinfarmersunion.com
WFSA Wisconsin Financial Services Association http://www.wisconsinfs.com
WFS World Future Society http://wfs.org
WFPHA World Federation of Public Health Associations http://wfpha.org
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