October 24, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
ADAI Automobile Dealers Association of Indiana http://www.adai-inc.org
ADAI The Automobile Dealers Association of Indiana, Inc http://www.adai-inc.org
ADAGW Art Dealers Association of Greater Washington http://www.washingtonartdealers.org
ADADC American Dairy Association and Dairy Council http://www.adadc.com
ADADC American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Inc. http://www.adadc.com
ADAA Automobile Dealers Association of Alabama http://www.adaaweb.com
ADAA Art Dealers Association of America http://artdealers.org
ADAA American Dental Assistants Association http://dentalassistant.org
ADAA Anxiety Disorders Association of America http://adaa.org
ADAA Alabama District Attorney's Association http://www.alabamaprosecutor.com
ADAA Alabama District Attorney's Association http://www.adaa-ops.org
ADAA Anxiety and Depression Association of America http://adaa.org
ADA-TN American Dairy Association - Tennessee http://www.southeastdairy.org
ADA-IN American Dairy Association of Indiana http://www.winnersdrinkmilk.com
ADA Sigma Epsilon Delta Dental Fraternity http://ada.org/ada/organizations/orgdetail.asp?OrganizationID=938
ADA Academy of Doctors of Audiology http://audiologist.org
ADA American Dietetic Association http://www.eatright.org
ADA American Diabetes Association http://www.diabetes.org
ADA American Dental Association http://www.ada.org
ADA Application Developers Alliance http://appdevelopersalliance.org
ADA American Dermatological Association http://amer-derm-assn.org
ADA American Dental Association http://ada.org
ADA American Diabetes Association http://diabetes.org
Ad C Advertising Council http://adcouncil.org
ACWI American Chain of Warehouses http://acwi.org
ACWA Association of California Water Agencies http://www.acwa.com
ACWA Association of Clean Water Administrators http://acwa-us.org
ACVS American College of Veterinary Surgeons http://acvs.org
ACVR American College of Veterinary Radiology http://acvr.org
ACVP Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals http://acp-online.org
ACVP American College of Veterinary Pathologists http://acvp.org
ACVO American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists http://acvo.org
ACVN American College of Veterinary Nutrition http://acvn.org
ACVL Association of Cinema and Video Laboratories http://acvl.org
ACVIM American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine http://www.acvim.org
ACVD American College of Veterinary Dermatology http://acvd.org
ACVA American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists http://acva.org
ACUTA Association of College and University Telecommunications Administrators, Inc. http://www.acuta.org/wcm/acuta
ACUTA ACUTA - The Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education http://acuta.org
ACURA Association of College and University Religious Affairs http://site.acuraonline.net
ACUP Association of College and University Printers http://acup-edu.org
ACUL Arizona Credit Union League http://www.azcreditunions.org
ACUL Arkansas Credit Union League http://www.acul.org
ACUL Alabama Credit Union League http://www.acul.com
ACUL Alaska Credit Union League http://www.alaskacreditunions.org
ACUIA Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors http://acuia.org
ACUI Association of College Unions International http://www.acui.org
ACUHO-I Association of College and University Housing Officers-International http://www.acuho-i.org
ACUC Association of College and University Clubs http://acuclubs.org
ACUA Association of College and University Auditors http://acua.org
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