October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    ICPA Illinois Concrete Pipe Association http://www.il-concretepipe.org
    IAPA Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association http://il-asphalt.org
    CAA California Aquaculture Association http://www.caaquaculture.org
    CCSO California Correctional Supervisors Organization, Inc. http://www.ccsonet.org
    CTGA California Tomato Growers Association http://ctga.org
    SACRS State Association of County Retirement Systems http://sacrs.org
    CAAB California Artichoke Advisory Board http://www.artichokes.org
    CWCI California Workers' Compensation Institute http://www.cwci.org
    MTRA Montana Restaurant Association http://www.mtrestaurant.com
    NDASCD North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts http://www.ndascd.org
    NDAHC North Dakota Association for Home Care http://www.aptnd.com/ndahc
    NDU North Dakota United http://ndunited.org
    ICCMHC Indiana Council of Community Mental Health Centers, Inc. http://www.iccmhc.org
    ISBA Indiana School Boards Association http://www.isba-ind.org
    INCAA Indiana Community Action Association http://www.incap.org
    IAC Idaho Association of Counties http://www.idcounties.org
    IASCD Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts http://www.iascd.org
    ICC Idaho Cooperative Council http://www.idahoco-op.org
    Professional Golfers' Association of America - Rocky Mountain Section http://rockymountainpga.com
    National Electrical Contractors Association - Wyoming Chapter http://wyneca.org
    PAW Petroleum Association of Wyoming http://www.pawyo.org
    WCA Wyoming Campground Association http://www.campwyoming.org
    WyFB Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation http://www.wyfb.org
    WEA Wyoming Education Association http://www.wyoea.org
    SDACO South Dakota Association of County Officials http://www.sdcounties.org
    SDLICA South Dakota Land Improvement Contractors Association http://www.southdakotalica.com
    SDGFA South Dakota Grain and Feed Association http://www.sdgfa.org
    ISA Indiana Society of Accountants http://www.indianaaccountants.net
    FDAC Fire Districts Association of California http://www.fdac.org
    ILFU Illinois Farmers Union http://www.illinoisfarmersunion.org
    ILFI Illinois League of Financial Institutions http://www.ilfi.org
    ILICA Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association http://www.illica.net
    NSHBA Nebraska State Home Builders Association http://www.nshba.org
    NAPE Nebraska Association of Public Employees http://napeafscme.org
    NPCA Nebraska Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association http://www.npcainc.com
    LNM League of Nebraska Municipalities http://www.lonm.org
    NTA Nebraska Telecommunications Association http://www.ntaonline.net
    NCSOC North Central States Optometric Council http://northcentralstates.org
    NPA Nebraska Psychological Association http://www.nebpsych.org
    NeCGA Nebraska Corn Growers Association http://www.necga.org
    ABC Associated Builders and Contractors - Cornhusker Chapter http://www.abcnebraska.org
    NWRA Nebraska Water Resources Association http://www.newra.net
    NSGA Nebraska Soybean Growers Association http://www.nebraskasoybeans.org/ne-nsa
    MSBCA Montana School Bus Contractors Association http://mtschoolbuscontractors.webs.com
    NASW-OR National Association of Social Workers - Oregon Chapter http://www.nasworegon.org
    CCINW Carpet Cleaners Institute of the Northwest http://www.ccinw.org
    PNPCA Pacific Northwest Precast Concrete Association http://www.pnpca.net
    NSMA Northwest Supply Management Association http://www.nsma.ws
    OTLA Oregon Trial Lawyers Association http://www.oregontriallawyers.org
    OBWDA Oregon Beer and Wine Distributors Association http://obwda.org/?p=1


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