October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    ICTA Illinois County Treasurer's Association http://www.illinoistreasurers.org
    WICPA Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants http://www.wicpa.org
    MNODN Minnesota Organization Development Network http://www.mnodn.org
    Pacific Southwest Regional Council - National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials http://www.pswrc-nahro.org
    SEAoA Structural Engineers Association of Arizona http://www.seaoa.org
    UAW - Region 5 http://uawregion5.unionactive.com
    IAA Iowa Auctioneers Association http://www.iowaauctioneers.org
    MECA Michigan Electric Cooperative Association http://meca.coop
    OAAG Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia http://www.oaag.net
    STAM School Transportation Association of Massachusetts http://www.schoolbus.org
    CC/ASLA California Council of the American Society of Landscape Architects http://www.asla-californiacouncil.org/index.html
    CAHMPC California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains http://www.harbormaster.org
    AHCA Arizona Health Care Association http://www.azhca.org
    CAA California Academy of Audiology http://www.caaud.org
    ACRA Arizona Court Reporters Association http://netforum.avectra.com/eWeb/DynamicPage.aspx
    MMA Montana Mining Association http://www.montanamining.org
    MBWA Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association http://www.mnbwa.com
    CoSEIA Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association http://coseia.org
    BOAF Building Officials Association of Florida http://www.boaf.net
    WABA Wyoming Agri Business Association http://wyag.net
    WWWA Wyoming Water Well Association http://www.wywaterwell.org
    MSCSW Maryland Society for Clinical Social Work http://www.mscsw.org
    MASA Maryland Ambulatory Surgical Association http://mdasc.org
    CROA Colorado River Outfitters Association http://www.croa.org
    MFMA Minnesota Farmers' Market Association http://mfma.org
    CCAH California Council for Affordable Housing http://www.californiacouncil.com
    LABE Louisiana Association of Business Educators http://www.laabe.org
    KSIA Kansas Seed Industry Association http://kansasseed.org
    KPC Kansas Petroleum Council http://www.kansasenergy.org
    MePA Maine Psychological Association http://mepa.org
    IDA Indiana Dietetic Association http://eatrightin.org
    MCAI Mechanical Contractors Association of Indiana http://www.mcai.com
    TMCA Tennessee Motor Coach Association http://www.tnmca.net
    Community Health Charities of Illinois http://illinois.healthcharities.org
    NHA Nevada Housing Alliance http://nvmha.org
    NvRWA Nevada Rural Water Association http://www.nvrwa.org
    MACDL Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers http://macdl.net
    MASN Missouri Association of School Nurses http://www.missourischoolnurses.org
    TTSA Texas Towing and Storage Association http://www.ttsa.org
    ISAE Indiana Society of Association Executives http://www.isae.org
    MACD Michigan Association of Conservation Districts http://macd.org
    MAPP Michigan Association of Professional Psychologists http://www.emapp.org
    MiRCA Michigan Roofing Contractors Association http://mirca.org
    SITA State Independent Telephone Association of Kansas http://sitaofks.com
    LAM Louisiana Association of Museums http://www.louisianamuseums.org
    OAHC Oregon Association for Home Care http://www.oahc.org
    SNOW School Nurses Organization of Washington http://schoolnurseorganizationofwashington.org
    NLTA Nebraska Land Title Association http://www.nelta.net
    MAP Michigan Association of Planning http://www.planningmi.org
    AzOA Arizona Optometric Association http://arizona.aoa.org


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