October 22, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
SHCNNE Safety and Health Council of Northern New England http://www.shcnne.org
SHCWMK Safety and Health Council of Western Missouri and Kansas http://www.safetycouncilmoks.com
SEDA Safety Equipment Distributors Association http://www.safetycentral.org
SGCC Safety Glazing Certification Council http://sgcc.org
SPS Safety Pharmacology Society http://safetypharmacology.org
SNAP Safety-Net Association of Pennsylvania http://pasafetynet.org
SNAP Safety-Net Association of Pennsylvania http://www.pasafetynet.org
Sail America http://sailamerica.com
SUP Sailors' Union of the Pacific http://sailors.org
SMEI Sales and Marketing Executives International, Inc. http://smei.org
SACI Sales Association of the Chemical Industry http://sacionline.com
SAPI Sales Association of the Paper Industry http://sapionline.com
SLMA Sales Lead Management Association http://salesleadmgmtassn.com
SI Salt Institute http://www.saltinstitute.org
SSWA Sanitary Supply Wholesaling Association http://sswa.com
SGBI Santa Gertrudis Breeders International http://santagertrudis.com
SBCA Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association http://sbca.com
SIA Satellite Industry Association http://sia.org
SAVE SAVE International http://value-eng.org
SBLC SB Latex Council http://regnet.com/sblc
SBI Management Services http://sbims.com
SAIA Scaffold and Access Industry Association http://scaffold.org
SIA Scaffold Industry Association http://scaffold.org
SSFI Scaffolding, Shoring and Forming Institute http://ssfi.org
SMA Scale Manufacturers Association http://scalemanufacturers.org
SCAR Scenic Coast Association of REALTORS http://www.sceniccoast.org
SLEMA Schiffli Lace and Embroidery Manufacturers Association http://schiffli.org
SAANYS School Administrators Association of New York State http://www.saanys.org
SAI School Administrators of Iowa http://www.sai-iowa.org
SAM School Administrators of Montana http://www.sammt.org
SASD School Administrators of South Dakota http://www.sasd.org
SNOA School Nurses Organization of Arizona http://www.snoa.org
SNOW School Nurses Organization of Washington http://www.schoolnurseorganizationofwashington.org
SNA School Nutrition Association http://www.schoolnutrition.org
SNA School Nutrition Association of Massachusetts http://schoolnutrition.info
SNAM School Nutrition Association of Michigan http://michigansna.org
SNA School Nutrition Association of Ohio http://www.snaohio.org
SNA-WI School Nutrition Association of Wisconsin http://www.sna-wi.org
SSMA School Science and Mathematics Association http://ssma.org
SSWAA School Social Work Association of America http://sswaa.org
STAM School Transportation Association of Massachusetts http://www.schoolbus.org
SIF Schools Interoperability Framework Association http://sifassociation.org
Schott & Lites Advocate http://schottlites.com
SFWA Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America http://sfwa.org
SEFA Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association http://sefalabs.com
Scientific Societies http://scisoc.org
SRS Scoliosis Research Society http://www.srs.org
SCORE SCORE Association http://www.score.org
SBSBA Scottish Blackface Breeders Association http://ramshornstudio.com/scottish_blackface.htm
RMA Scrap Tire Management Council http://scraptire.org
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